why comodo still prompt me even i check always remember box?

why comodo still promt me even i check always remember box? Sometimes whenever i play a new song, it prompt me( window media player ) Frequently, some application like msn messenger and firefox kept prompt me. I had already checked the box. Im using version. Here is a screenshot…

Greetings breadloon,

What ‘Alert frequency level’ do you have?
From MSN, I see you got one rule for incoming, and one for outcoming traffic, which means you probably got ‘Low’, as it allowd both UDP/TCP with one rule.

About firefox, I don’t know. It says it got permission thru all ports, so should only creat two rules; incoming and outgoing. This could possible be because the parent application isn’t the same.
If you check two ‘TCP/UDP In Allow’ rules for Firefox, do they got the same parent application?

And media player will probably ask you if a new parent(firefox, MSIE etc.) is using WMP to connect thru the Internet.


my Alert frequency level is low. Yeah, they had different parent application, one is superantispyware and the other is msn messenger

There’s bound to be something in here:
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