Why Comodo Internet Security Does Not Detect Adwares?

Adwares are more popular than viruses but Comodo does not detect they.I installed a program 1-2 months ago.It installed istartsurf,portalsepeti(popular adware in Turkey),quick start,search protection…(I can’t remember another.It installed 10-15 adware) They was in one program.Comodo sandboxed some adwares but a lot of adware installed succesfully.Comodo did not detect as adware.A lot of users installed other security products and removed comodo for adwares.Why Comodo does not detect adwares?

Hi abrkackl,
Adware is a very broad term, from a simple irritant to spyware/malware.
If you regard any as a threat or malicious, please consider reporting them.
Report trusted and whitelisted malware here - 2015 (NO LIVE MALWARE!)

Thank you.