why comodo internet security can be closed?!!!!

hello to all , i have a question
to my knowledge every other anti virus software is protected to not be closed in system try or in task manager, i just curious why comodo is not so?i really love comodo but this thing seems like a weakness. isn’t this?

This was done intentionally. Originally CIS also didn’t allow the user to kill its processes using task manager. However, for advanced users, this made it more difficult to troubleshoot problems and fix some issues. Therefore, this ability was added.

However, it’s not a vulnerability because unknown programs (meaning all malware) is not allowed to do this. Only the user is able to intentionally kill these processes. Malware would not be able to.

it just happened for me a while back that my comodo was closed without i know . but thanks for your help :slight_smile:

It likely crashed then…

thanks for reply :azn: