why comodo installs av/chromium when not chosen

I installed comodo 8 on a vm. I choose not to have chromium and not to have anti virus but still i get them. What is this about. I deselect them at start and ensured they were not selected. Very sneaky too is this custom install. ALL these extra should be opt in not opt out comodo is going off my vm

May be the installer reacts differently when run in a vm. I have not seen this behaviour before. It is not intentional.

wellthe way in which one has to go through hoops to avoid the home page change etc and then choose custom to avoid the AV is intentional and v ery sneaky for a so called security product. It would be easy to miss the customise after have deselected the others. I uninstalled it. my computer i decide what goes on it and i would not buy a commercial comodo product because of that

Hi markcusack,
You could always download the Firewall installer to avoid the AV component.

As far as Chromodo, you would be fairly hard pressed to miss the screenshot attached if you accidentally left it checked, with the option to go back.

Also the homepage option is on the agree to install screen, so I don’t see any hoops there either.
CIS Premium – Installation-Comodo Help

I do wish everything else in life had as many easy selections and options, it would be grand don’t you agree?


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no i think they should be all opt in

Hi markcusack,
A lot of free software have other items or products selected to be included by default (For example some include: Chrome, McAfee scan, extra unwanted shields etc), this is no big deal in my opinion and rarely even mentioned when it occurs on non Comodo products.

A small price to pay I would say.

Anyway each to their own.

Kind regards.

That is a strawman argument. This is about comodo not a lot of free software. Anyway i am finished with comodo

I have adapted to always look before I leap when installing any ;)freeware a decade ago. It saves me a lot of needless indignation…