why comodo got no shortcut keys ?


why aren’t any shortcut keys for quick switch between “train mode” “paranoid mode” etc` ?? ???

that can make life easier :-TU

I think this has been posted several times before… :smiley:
Personally Iam against CIS having keyboard shortcuts. =) :o

Since they are easy to simulate by a program (A program might change your settings against your will)

And CIS shortcuts could interfere with other shortcuts used by other programs. (different programs uses different shortcuts, whatever combo chosen there is likely a program that already uses the combo… So if you are running Photoshop and press ctrl + alt + z to undo changes, maby CIS snaps that up as well and bam changes the security policy… Not a wanted behaviour from CIS)

And I think there is a risk to accidentally change security policy… (people click the keyboard and hitting the “shortcut keys” by accident…)

  • I don’t want CIS to monitor my keyboard for keyboard input. :stuck_out_tongue: :o

I dont want shortcuts either, or else we should be able to disable them. :slight_smile:

shortcut can be optional , if u want them enable it , if not it can disable , hope CIS DEVELOPERS will add it to this amazing product make it more perfect :smiley:

till now , i didn’t any serious reason why comodo didnt add shortcut key in any of his version.

maybe comdo developer can give some new info about that/?

btw shortcut keys long time implemented inside on line armor which is also a flag ship in security



It is in CIS wishlist and we will implement it in the future versions of 4.x.