why comodo dragon is such a heavy ram user???


I thought firefox was heavy so I went and downloaded comodo dragon to reduce the ram usage but to my surprise CD is heavier then firefox?? Here is what I got from my task manager on both.

1 Tab Opened
Firefox (1 process): 98,112MB ram usage
Comodo Dragon (12 processes) combined: 210,692MB ram usage ???

Anyway anyone else knows of light good browser to replace firefox, since comodo dragon is very heavy? Thanks in advance.

What extensions or plugins are you using as these will commonly cause ‘bloat’? The main offender is Adobe Flash & PDF.

also the more tabs you have open the more ram usage. each tab starts a new process. this is probably y you see so many processes

I have 7 extentions on Comodo dragon and 7 on firefox and the result is just home page opened (1 page) and no other tabs. no PDF or adobe flash extenstions.
By the way this is on a win 7 home premium 64bit machine with 4GB or ram

I have always said in the past that Chromium based browsers have been quite heavy on ram usage compared to others, but the recent V14.x has been very surprising.

I am using Dragon on both XP with very limited resources 384MB of ram also on Win 7 with 1GB and I can assure you it runs equally as light or lighter than anything else on my systems even with the multiple processes.

If you have memory freely available it will utilize this free memory to help with speed.
If memory is limited as it is on my XP systems it has good capabilities at controlling this and still keeping things running smooth and efficiently.

If you haven’t tried the recent versions and compared overall resource usage to others, I would personally recommend giving it a try.

Idle ram is wasted ram.
Kind regards.