why comodo dragon doesn't ask to exit confirmation??

why comodo dragon doesn’t ask to exit confirmation?? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: >:( >:( >:(
every browser has it but dragon

Hi and welcome parsa,
It stems back to the Chromium base not having this function integrated.
It can be achieved via an extension, an example below.
Window Close Protector
A Chrome Web Store search may find other extensions available of this nature.

If you would like to recover from accidentally closing multiple tabs, please see the link below.
Recover previous browser session (Multiple Tabs).

Kind regards.

hi and thank u
u know i think dragon is a different browser
it’s not chrome anymore
it has some features that chrome doesn’t
i don’t like use addons for every usage
now dragon is a brand by itself
and i would 2 see it’s growing up as dragon not chrome
if i wanted to use chrome so i go to install it
??? :frowning: >:( ??? :frowning: >:(

Dragon is chrome it’s just a different flavor
Your statement is like saying a blueberry and a banana aren’t both botanical berries just because they look and taste different

dragon is NOT chrome. Both chrome and dragon are based on the same engine (chromium)

That’s what I was meaning that they are both chromium just two different flavors. When you get them down to the basics they are the same. The only difference is who is molding the design and for what (comodo = security + speed) (google = pure speed).