Why Comodo always leave versions unfinished with KNOWN bugs??!


I have uninstalled CIS v5.12 from the Windows XP boxes that I manage because it has hundreds of bugs that Comodo fixed only in the CIS v6.

I would have installed v6 on those boxes but sadly the GUI of v6 is mighty slow on those machines, so instead I had to go with Privatefirewall. :frowning:

For my main box though, I upgraded to v6.3, so far it is OK, but I fear that it will suffer the same fate as v5.12, which is to be superseded by the next version and left with KNOWN bugs.

Why Comodo always leave versions unfinished?

There are many people who still use MS Office 2003 and they are quite happy.
Because Microsoft fixed the functional bugs BEFORE they came out with Office 2007 and its new GUI.

Why put so much resources to changing the GUI when so many other fundamental problems remain?

Ramsomware can still get through the “Fully” virtualized of the sandbox, but they are showing off screens for new GUI of version 7 while so many are still unhappy with version 6.

CIS is like one of those amateur open source development projects; the product never leaves Beta! >:(

Malware is changing, software creators are developing more sophisticated programs to keep up.
The visual aspect of the GUI is the least important part of any program IMO.
Most other aspects of any program are way more important than aesthetics.
Version 6 had way more in-depth changes than just the GUI and the previous GUI had no room to accommodate these changes.
At the same time it is unfortunate that the current GUI is slow on some systems, including yours.

All currently developed products are continuing to evolve, the about statement can be said to be true for all software and not exclusively Comodo. :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Edit: Re-wording for clarity.

Also, I’m not aware of any ransomware which can bypass Fully Virtualized. Can you please provide a link to this? If there is a vulnerability I would like to make sure it is forwarded the the devs.


LOL! Oh c’mon! It’s way better than that! 88)

CIS v5.x always worked well on my multi boot system including Windows XP. And that is with all unfixed bugs that got fixed in v6.

I find it really odd that you apparently and happily used 5.x on various machines for prolonged periods of time and now all at once that same 5.12 is acting up to the level of where it needs to be uninstalled from all of those computers.

It makes more sense that it is not the fact that 5.x dysfunctions, it served all of us including you, as implicitly stated, very well, but the fact that you’re not happy with the fact it does no longer gets updates.

Since you used happily used CIS v5 for long stretches of time on various machines the comparison to the MS Office products make little sense. Most people who stay on Office 2003 stay on it because they don’t want to go the learning curve.

Also I find you lack of corroboration in combination with flame bait like title, broad sweeping and grand standing statements suspect.

Tread carefully.

Hello @EricJH, I found that your comment is really interesting because We have almost the same problem with @axl I also found bugs on version CIS v5.12 By the way I’m just a new here on this forum and I really want to know more about the new version. Please share your comments

you are right i have used many software but comodo is one step ahead than them. each and every version comodo produce more bugs
(if they fix one problem then they produce two more bugs) and it continues. other antivirus companies they also produce bugs but they try to sort out the problem asap. but comodo hide something from their users mostly they try to give surprise to their users but not all the users like unwanted surprise. :-[

I am not at all sure where you think you are taking this topic with your post :-\

At the very least Examples please if you intend posting again.

What problems are you facing? Axl’s comments are not descriptive so I have little to go on.

The new version has a lot of bug fixes for problems reported with v5.x. It has a new UI which is flexible to provide quick access to advanced functions. With 6.3 it has matured of course over 6.0.

What exactly are you disappointed about with CIS 6.3 as it stands now?

Darn, Dennis beat me to it… :stuck_out_tongue:

The big problem is most people will not admit that their machines could be at fault or it could be the thoughtless actions of careless users which could be causing issues.

No new software is without issues and when we take into consideration the global variations of computer set ups etc it is impossible for comodo and indeed any other software vendor to produce a 100% reliable working product.

I think the amount of issues which impaired the use of CIS 6 falls into a minority percentage.