Why co.cc is phishing?

Why co.cc domain is a phishing domain based on Comodo? I know that many hackers use co.cc domain but this does not mean that co.cc is a phishing itself… Based on that thought, every domain must be counted as phishing domain…

What are you observing that you think this is happening? Can you post screenshot(s) of what you are seeing?

I notice that EVERY co.cc site and the domain co.cc itself is a phishing site based on Comodo. That is absolutely not true… I use CIS 5…

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…and i also use Comodo DNS

…and that is the problem… Comodo Secure DNS (that comes with CIS installation) considers every co.cc site as phishing :frowning:

Currently there is no possibility to report a false positive for the DNS service.

There are two ways to go. Either discard the alerts or switch DNS servers.