Why Cloud UDP In connection?

Why would one of the Cloud servers at want to make an unsolicited UDP In connection?

My router has been blocking these and as the address is part of the 208.116.56.xx range for the Comodo Cloud I thought I’d let them through, but now the Firewall is blocking them of course.

Please read here.

Thank you

I don’t see how that answers my question.

This is an UDP IN connection that the server is trying to make many times a day. The connection is unsolicited - that is, it isn’t stateful as far as I can see.

If I allow my router to let it through, CIS Firewall blocks it with “Windows Operating System” as the Application. Inserting rules in Global Rules to accept it doesn’t work probably because it isn’t stateful - no application is responsible for it.

I’m assuming no one else has checked their router logs to notice it. As most people will have routers that would reject it, why is a trusted Comodo Cloud server trying to connect without permission in the first place?


I have the same thing happening but that other post referenced does make sense if…
The inbound traffic from the cloud thing @ is only trying to send back results from a cloud scanned item.

Otherwise it is as MSB stated, inbound unsolicited and both of us would like to know why.
Can anyone verify this?

In which case, as I’m sure you know, it would be solicited and therefore stateful and allowed through.

I do find it strange when topics such as this and my other, related topic “Router log entries from Cloud” get no responses yet you can get 5 pages of wibble about when the next update is available or what colour theme is best? ???


Hi Guys,
I responded here:

So must be the case where CIS requested but request timed out and then server response received else server does not connect to CIS, it’s always CIS which initiates connection.


I’ve responded in my other message you provide the link to.