Why Cloud scan?

when applications are unrecognized and sandboxed as partially limited, CIS will send those to cloud scan where it will be detected as bad or safe in virtual environment.

my doubt is why don’t u do all these process by creating virtual environment in the system or pc or computer itself and give verdict. this will be faster because no internet will be used.

It seems that BitDefender is using this kind of technology?

Maybe because users from all around the world can benefit from the cloud verdict… :wink:
It offers better additional protection against 0-day malware until AV database gets the newest signatures.

Don’t know how BitDefender works but I can speak of what I know.

Been using Avast Internet Security 6 since last December (I won a free license in their Winter promotion).

Avast has a fully-viirtualized auto-sandbox but hardly ever feels the need to put anything in it, relying heavily on the accuracy of its definitions and behavioral analysis. (Got some FPs but so far they all worked sandboxed anyway.)

By comparison the CIS default partially-limiting auto-sandbox wants to run a whole lot of stuff (i.e. non-white-listed files) sandboxed. So it seems to me that the cloud-scanning is there as much to mitigate against CIS’s innate aggressiveness, as it is to increase detections.

There is no need for this, if the analysis of giving verdict is in the system or computer itself. They only need to improve this technology.