why CIS is free?

just curious why CIS is free product. I have never seen other Internet security product for free…

Sorry but don’t have the time to find the link, but will try and give you a short explaination. They offer free products in order to build their brand and trust. Comodo makes it’s money from selling SSL’s and Endpoint Security Manager to the Business people…

And don’t mistake free with bad, as I think Comodo is as good as any paid product in all their offerings (in my opinion).

Hope this clarifies things for you kinda, sorry to be so short and vague.


They offer free products in order to build their brand and trust.

it is to be supposed that they could change this strategy when the populatity is big and the free product will become paid. No one knows, right?

Nope, their plan is open, they are building a brand, and will not charge, of course there is the paid option, which gets you encrypted wireless and live support(ability to have a tech look/fix stuff on your computer) but that’s about it. Their money is made from SSL’s and Endpoint. If you truely believed that they would charge then that would of been a long time ago, over 25 million (I’m most likely too low on my figure) have downloaded CIS. Surely that would be a lot of money right.

And creating trust, brand is their goal, so they would not all of sudden say, thanks for coming, now we’re changing into all out charging. The business model has already been created, molded and is growing and growing. It’s a winning formula which needs no change, so kind of fail to understand your point/reply.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

since when Comodo is offering Av nad Firewall products? Other said, how long they are already trying to build the brand?

Can’t really comment on how long, and trying? They’re already doing a good job of building a ‘trusted brand’ in my opinion and are a very big company.

So far I use CIS v3 (can’t wait for v4 sandbox, and soon after BB with it)
Back Up (wish they’d offer back up to dvd, which will come soon enough no doubt)
Comodo System Cleaner (in conjunction with CCleaner)
Soon be using CTM (comodo time machine)
Testing Comodo Dragon Browser (source code from Chrome modified without all the privacy snoops etc)
Verification Engine… And more

As you can see, they’re doing a pretty good job at offering a lot of good quality products for nothing, so can’t complain.


They have stated “free forever”. If they go back on this, that wouldn’t go over well.

Melih’s position is that computer security is a right, not a privilege. By developing a free security suite, that makes it available to everyone, not just those that can afford it.

I actually dont have anything against, dont think so :slight_smile:
I was real curiosity… and I appreciate what Comodo is doing. I am using it since some months and can only say: Respect! :-TU
Especially about the firewall of Comodo I have read very good things.
And the AV component is developing also very well and quick although in the test reviews Comodo Av hasnt been tested very often. But I thing this will change soon.

From the Comodo CEO:Why offer products for free?.

That’s the one, was too tired/lazy to find the link last night, but am sure I made up for it, by rolling out a few essays ;D