Why CIS installer doesn't show restart button?

When I install latest of CIS on W7 SP1x64, after the installer completes I don’t receive any restart option. But on Windows XP SP3 the restart menu always appear when I reinstall CIS. Why this behavior on W7? This problem isn’t only on latest build, it dates way back since first build of 6 version. :-\

I believe in certain Windows versions a forced restart is not needed since V6, best way to check is to run diagnostics.

I think after install all services are active but not in XP, but I may be wrong :slight_smile:


Hmm yes indeed makes sense, but still you need to restart W7, because the CIS isn’t started after the installer completes.

W7 32-bit.
If and only if my memory serves me correctly.
I think it updated the DB, automatically run the quick scan and only after then did I receive the alert to restart the system.
Although I would have to re-install to check for certain and from what I remember happening is contradictory to the help file. :-
CIS Premium – Installation

Well so far I’ve installed on 3 different systems running w7, and at least 5 times on a fresh W7(my system) the same result as expected ???

Win7 64

it installs
it updates
it scans
it asks for reboot

On Windows XP it will install and then ask for a reboot. After the reboot it will update and scan. The behaviour on XP is different from Vista and later.