Why CIS doesn't completely shutdown ?

Why ? The same was with Comodo Firewall. Cmdagent is always running and only the GUI closes.
If I want an app to die it has to die completely ! It doesn’t matter if it’s a security application. And cmdgent is almost impossible to kill even with specific programs designed for that ;D

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Hehehe, that is a service… you have to go into services to make it not start…
Also, CIS Has good protection against terminations against it’s self…


Even if I untick the “start automatically on bootup” and reboot cmdagent still loads. I have to go to services and set it on manual.
What’s the point in having an “Exit” button then or make it “not start automatically” if doesn’t do anything ? The main process will be working anyway. COMODO should sort this out. The user should be able to quit CIS completely, when he wants, anytime he wants. Period.

CIS is unable to “cold” start ! :-\

If I set the service to manual and untick the “Start Automatically” and reboot, the next time Windows loads and I manually launch CIS - this is what I see :

  1. 5 minutes of “Starting”
  2. Unable to start the service agent !

That means - You have a choice to launch CIS manually, but it doesn’t work. If you start automatically - you are unable to kill it without dirty tricks.
This is what I call “hogging your freedom of choice” (and it pretends to give it to you)

On top of that, if I keep the setup like that. (Manual service). Even if I don’t run CIS after bootup and when I start installing something the installer can’t copy executables ! And it throws me some kind of RPC service failutures :frowning:
The RPC service is running of course.
CIS holding my comp hostage ;D This is bad :-\ I don’t like it a bit.

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Excuse me!

Why do you even have CIS installed if you don’t want it to automatically start, and protect your PC when you turn it on?

I don’t undersatnd that at all acctually ???

And regarding the self-defence, I personally LOVE that self-defence function of CIS. And it is a very important feature of a security app as well.

And when you are going to install any kind of software of your choice, then just put CIS into “Installation mode”
wich will result in NO pop ups from D+ or the Firewall for that matter. And when you’re done with the install of your software then put CIS back in “Previous mode” and your good to go!

I’m not a newb okay ;D I know all the tricks, but I like to be in control of my applications. Think about it. If there is an option to quit a program and only half of it shuts off (only the GUI) - what’s the point in having an option at all ?
Would you like to shutdown your PC ? Yes ? Okay. But it will take power anyway. Would you like that ? 88)

Self-defense is a notorious CIS feature. And I love it too. But if a user can’t disable it when he wants, it limits it’s control. It’s like malware then.
Other than CIS I don’t know of any security product that can’t be turned off if required :slight_smile:

Another thing, I want a program not to run on startup it should allow me to do that. I set a service on manual. And CIS can’t start it’s own service when I run it. :-\

I’m pretty sure all firewalls that utilise a kernel level driver operate in the same manner. It isn’t a trivial matter to stop code that is running in ring 0.

Besides, if the GUI is shut down by selecting EXIT from the system tray icon, you will not get any iteraction fromt he remaining CMDAGENT stub.

Ewen :slight_smile:

If I shut off the GUI and then launch an application that is not in the rule set it will be blocked :-\

Surely it would be better to run the app while CIS is running and have it included in the rule set, wouldn’t it?

Security is sort of like pregnancy - you either are or you are not. I don’t understand why you would want to completely disable your security. Your choice, but I don’t understand it. ???

Ewen :slight_smile:

Commodus does have a point.

For example, for 2 times now that I’ve been having problems with CIS (Defense+) that will block me from accessing my Desktop. Even if I go to Safe Mode and disable Comodo’s service, I won’t be able to access it. Both times I had to uninstall CIS in Safe Mode. It was the only way to get back the control of MY computer, not D+'s. :smiley:

If, by disabling CIS service, CIS would be totally shutdown, then I would have no need to uninstall it and I could see what D+ has been blocking and perhaps, somehow, prevent future blocks.

So, the hability to fully shutdown ANY tool is a user’s right. The system is ours, not theirs (any tool). No one can argue with it.

And the fact a user is able to fully shutdown, won’t mean that any other process can do it to. Take the example of SUPERAntispyware. It has a very strong self protection. D+ won’t terminate it, if I tell it to. SUPERAntispyware has an option to prevent any termination by other process than taskmgr.exe.

SAS is a great example of self protection, yet without taking the control out of the user.

Best regards

No. I don’t want to disable my security. I want to be able to run whenever I like and stop it whenever I like. I’m the MASTER and I’m the MAESTRO and the GOD and whatever and I decide when to to run something and when to kill something.
I was using Kaspersky Internet Security. It’s self-defense is great, it’s firewall is great and I was able to shut it down completely when I want. I was able to make it not run on the startup and then “cold” start it when I wished.
An application should follow users commands. That’s how I think. :a0

I am listening to a new song by Cradle of Filth - “The 13th Caesar”. :smiley: (sorry this little off-topic)

I agree.

Unchecking this option is available in D+ “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed - Checking this box will block all unknown requests (those not included in your Computer Security Policy) if Comodo Internet Security Pro is not running/has been shut down.”

Reminds me of many of M$'s programs…

Is this whole thread based on the fact you can’t find the Disable buttons?

Or, you want Comodo to be as weak as the others?

Brother, If you know how to load low level drivers without a reboot write your own firewall.

If the devs start listening to this type of stuff I know a lot of people that will be Gone,Gone,Gone.

If you’re fartin around and crash explorer, or it crashes when unattended, you want to run naked?

Yeah I know, your no noob, and all hail.

Regarding Rights, You have every right in the world to uninstall it too.

I am the MASTER and I’m the MAESTRO and the GOD. haha Off the meds again are we?

PS. Comparing to SAS is apples and oranges.

I have run programs not in the Computer Security Policy with no problems with this unticked.
When I do a image I usual disable antivirus aswell before closing GUI.

How so? Of course, SAS is not a firewall, is it an antispyware tool. But, the thing is that making possible to fully shutdown Comodo’s firewall won’t make it weaker and make it possible for malware to shut it down. Hence, I gave the example of SAS, which has a pretty ■■■■ good self protection, which will prevent other processes from terminating it, and will only allow it’s termination from the taskmgr, if allowed in it’s settings.

So, it has a pretty great self protection, without taking full control to the user. So, bringing SAS or any other tool on this matter turns out a great example on a great tool with a strong self protection.

Or is the only way to get full control of our system to fully uninstall the application?

If we go that way, sooner or later every security app will load on startup no matter what, even if such application is only required when we access the Internet, and we won’t be able to do a ■■■■ thing about it. Is this the control we wish for our systems? But what controls what or who controls what? Are the apps that control our system and us? Or should we be the ones controlling the apps that control the system?

But, considering what has been happening with my system and D+ very recently, I would say that the apps are what control us and our systems. To get full control back, just kill it bad and nasty. :smiley:

Perhaps, you don’t like to control things. Well, I do enjoy controlling everything I can. And I do not wish a tool to prevent me from doing something that I wish to do. If I wish to fully terminate it’s processes and prevent it from fully running, then why can’t I?

“How so? Of course, SAS is not a firewall” = Correct!

And no application that would do as you seem to want would be anywhere near
as good as Comodo is at what it does.

It’s like some people want others to reinvent the Pointy Bowling Ball or One Legged Tripod.

I’m sorry things just don’t work the way you wish.

A firewall, a good one at least has to operate at a lower level than all the examples you
could give.

I don’t want COMODO to lower it’s high standarts in security and self-defense. I want COMODO team to get creative and find a way out.
Maybe a password protected shutdown. Or a CAPTCHA (as Kyle suggested). Something.

I love CIS, because you can turn almost anything off or change settings and it won’t start flashing, changing colors or beeping, that your security is not complete. If you turn something off, it means you know what you are doing. It doesn’t insult your intelligence, it doesn’t treat you like an i.d.i.o.t. I like that. I hate Security Suites where you can turn off spam filtering, but it will start screaming that you are not protected ;D

Bottom line - Please make CIS “quitable” and fix the bug ? where CIS can’t start it’s own service if that service was set on manual. :-TU

Thank you COMODO ! (B) (R) (V)

Sorry for poor English :-[

I’m the MASTER and I’m the MAESTRO and the GOD Err dude are you feeling ok? Anyway I would not want that to happen as if I can shut it down that simply then so can malware.

Please read the previous posts more carefuly :wink:


P.S. And yes I’m am the MASTER and MAESTRO and GOD of my PC ;D