Why CIS detects twice the same malware?

Today I’ve had unwelcomed guest on my pc, CIS has detected it, but it did it twice. I noticed this kind of reaction earlier, is it normal? I’ve added printscreen from the log.

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Were you downloading this file when you got the alert? I’ve gotten these double alerts before when downloading from Frostwire.

IDK why it happens, but as long as it says “Success” for each one, I guess everything is okay. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, just for testing I wrote “rundll 32 mouse,disable” in notepad and CIS also detects it twice or even more. You think it may be a bug?

I tried that and I didn’t get an alert. What did you save it as (.exe, .bat, .txt)?

Hi FaZio93. I’ve jus tested this once again, and file extension has no matter. Every time when CIS detects a threat I have to click delete few times until CIS does its job. In my opinion something is not woking as it should be. Another printscreen:First I created txt file, I had to click ‘remove’ about four times., after that I created executive file- same thing. Any Idea whast’s wrong?

What do you mean you didn’t get an alert? At all? Maybe I’ll add this test file to ma post. It is not a virus, simple txt file like eicar so you can check it on your pc.

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I got it too as soon as I saved it as “alert test”.
Weird… ???

I have noticed that the problem is only with real time scanner (also when I want to ignore detected file or move it to quarantine I have to do it few times), because when I scanned on demand .zip file with my txt CIS detected only one threat an I could delete it by clicking just one time.

I think it is a bug.