Why cant you change the location of the boc426 folder? [RESOLVED]

I tried changing the location of the BOC426 folder from C:.…application data to C:.…application data\Comodo since it makes more sense and is more intuitive to put it with the rest of my comodo products. After I did this I told boclean exactly where the file was and gave it the exact path to follow yet it still cannot find it. I clicked on “covered trojans” and get the error “the system cannot find the path specified” even tho I told it exactly where to look. I ended up putting the folder back to its original place and now boc can find it.

I would just like to put the folder in a more convenient place with the rest of comodos software, but I cant get it to work. Any ideas, comments, ect?

Only thing I can imagine it being is that your new folder doesn’t have the “everybody” permissions set for it for read and of course write … what might help is check the security settings for the current BOC426 folder, and then set the new one to match that … should do it … tested it myself just now on W2K, XP and Vista and it works fine.

I am the admin of this pc and I am the only one who uses it so I have the only profile on it. I will check it out and see if it helps tho.

OK I got it. Apparently when I altered the “create report when trojan found” path I much have hit cancel instead of finished. I changed it to what I wanted, made sure I hit finished, and it worked. Duh.