Why can't i update..?? - Having trouble..

The comodo updater isn’t working right, Here’s the problem.

Whenever i click on the system tray icon and select Check for updates it never finds any, But then ten or fifteen minutes later it kicks on by itself and informs me that there are updates available, The problem with this is, I don’t have unlimited internet and i can only be on for an hour at a time ( but i can get right back on ) So if i choose to download the updates it always fails, I’ve downloaded them like six or seven times now and i don’t understand why the comodo firewall dosen’t remember what it’s already downloaded and why it has to start all over again , Therefore it never installs the updates.

So my question is, Where can i manually download the updates.?, Just the updates for what i’ve already got…???



Going to the firewall site(http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/) and downloading the file will have all the latest updates, but this I expect is not what you want to do.

Have you tried uninstalling all Comodo applications. Then delete the following registry key:

Then you can completely reinstall and see if you still have the problem. (Note: you won’t need to get a new licence it will still be there and activated automatically)


AAH Crud, Is that the only way i can do it.?, I have to uninstall the one i have now and then download the whole new version .? :cry:

Yea i don’t want to have uninstall the one i’ve got now, I’ve finally got it working the i want it… :o

Have you clicked the “updater” button on the CPF panel or the CAV panel? They are on the upper right side of the panels

Thats weird, When i do it that way it say’s Installing Updates instead of Downloading Updates, I hope it goes all the way now this time…

Nope i still can’t get it >:(, Is there anyone here that talks to the people at comodo…??

If there is, Maybe could you ask them if they could make some kind of an update to the programming that would make it remember what it has already downloaded …??

That way for users like me, It wouldn’t have to start all over again if the download ( update ) fails for some reason… ???

Thats a good idea , Isn’t it.??

::slight_smile: :wink:

Hey Jason,

It’s a great idea to have resumable updates. Can you please post this to the Wishlist topic? Thanks

Re. the inability to update the apps, you should send an email to support@comodo.com. The tech support at Comodo, even though these are freeware applications, is among the best I’ve encontered in 25+ years in the industry. The Comodo support staff (including the CEO - Melih) also monitor the user forums.

If you are going to send an email to support, please include any details you think may be relevant - CPF version number, O/S (incl. service pack level), total RAM, available RAM (as reported by Task Manager), any relevant details from the firewall logs, currently installed security software (firewall, antivirus, antispyware, HIPS etc.) and screen captures of any error dialogues you get.

The better the picture of your landscape you can paint, the better the support guys can tackle the issue.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: