Why can't I remove my own thread?

Why can’t I remove my own thread?

If I click “Remove”, then the notification “An error occured - You can’t remove your own thread” appears.

because you don’t have the god power like i do >:-D
which topic you want to remove? i think you can remove unreplied topic, but once it’s got reply/replies on it, you can’t remove it

We did that for security reasons. Some users made interesting and informative topics earlier, but when they left, they deleted them all. So we had to recreate them, lot’s of work for nothing.
If you can tell me what topic you want to have deleted I can do it for you if you want.


I’m sorry if I’m butting into this serious topic w/ just some appreciation of humor, but I just find that line so funny… and brutally honest

Hehe, anyway, as the topic has been deleted, I will use MY Godpower >:-D

This topic is being locked and marked resolved. If you need it reopened, do NOT pm me. DO NOT pm anyone else! and don’t dare to open a new topic! >:( If you are following these rules you will get a lollypop from Ganda ;D
Just kidding of course, I’m more than happy to get pm’s from noobs eXPerienced people;)


Thank you and see you around :),