Why can't I access my rewritable dvd?

I burned one 180mb file inside. It was a success. The next time I put it back in the reader, it said I couldn’t access it. I tried to burn again and it said the rewritable disk already has content. I’m wondering why I can’t retrieve what I had burned. I can’t open it in my computer or explore it.

I used Nero 8 to burn it.

Did you take the DVD out before the transfer of files was completed?

Have you tried viewing what’s on the DVD using the Nero 8 program?

I used to have problems with my xp laptop using is DVD RW± Drive when I initially got my computer because the OEM NTI CD Burner software that was pre-installed was interefearing with my DVD drive.

Hope this helps…


The dvd is automatically ejected once the transfer was completed.

Err…I don’t know how. Been searching the whole interface of Nero. Its my first time using it. Thanks Eric. :slight_smile:

There’s a module of Nero called “Nero Burning Rom” You might try looking at that for at start. Just click "no multi-session and click New and then use the folder browser on the right hand side and see if it shows the contents of the DVD when you click on E: or whatever your DVD is assigned to.

What make and model of DVD drive are you using? Have you checked for a firmware update?


It still says F: is not accessible. Incorrect function.
The DVD-RW I use is SKY Pro 4.7GB/120min.
My DVD drive is a Samsung Super-WriteMaster SH-S202. It has labels DVD+R DVD-R 20x 20x
I don’t understand what that means.
Also, I have a DVD reader apart from this burner. Whenever I put the rewritable DVD inside, it is empty but there is an option “Erase this CD-RW”

There are various types of DVD Discs the +R and the -R are in relation to these. +R is the most common type of DVD Disc. The X20 X20 is simply the read/write speed of the drive.

Some RW DVD’s even though they are blank, require you to "Erase (aka Format) the disc before using it. Why not try doing the disc again but Erasing a blank DVD First.

Sorry I don’t have any further suggestions at the moment…


I tried erasing it and then burning again. I even lowered the burn speed to the minimum. Nothing changed. I tried doing this twice, burning different data each time. I wonder if its with the dvd because before, I was able to access my friend’s rewritable dvd and even burned additional data on it. This dvd, on the other hand, couldn’t even be accessed.

That may be the case. I can only suggest trying a different DVD at this stage. Sometimes my machine has trouble writing to DVD -RW’s & -Rs.

I have successfully burned to non-rewritable dvds. Guess I’ll have to go back to the shop to ask about this one.

Great news that your issue is now resolved. I’ll close this topic now. PM an online moderator with a link to this topic if you should need it opened again.


Topic Re-Opened as requested Martin11ph.

Hey I just noticed that I was able to access the rewritable when I burned a video. Does that mean data can’t be accessed on rewritable dvds? Its weird coz the label on the dvd case is “data & video”

That’s great news that you’re able to burn video’s now!

There have been some software updates which you can download from here: Nero Software

Firmware for your drive along with troubleshooting and faq can be found here:

Wow thanks Eric! ;D
I saw the firmware update is only for Windows 2000/03/Vista. Would it still be successful on XP SP2?

Your welcome… Yeah, I’m sure the update will work XP SP2. Fingers crossed the update helps with your problem.


Thanks for the site Eric. You gave me a firmware update for SH-S202G. When I ran the wininquiry file included, I found out my drive is Sh-S202N SB01. I found the file in the same site and updated. I didn’t update Nero since I already had Nero Will report any changes. :slight_smile:

Edit: No change. Still couldn’t burn data, only video. I don’t know what the problem is. Maybe I’ll inquire at the store when I get the chance. :cry:

Another suggestion for a solution I found in Nero’s FAQs.

Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista do not grant access to low level drivers for users without administrative rights it’s not possible for them to burn CDs or DVDs with Nero. The application Nero BurnRights allows users without administrative rights to burn CDs and DVDs with Nero. The administrator is able to setup user accounts with exclusive burn rights for Nero. This option can be found in:

* Nero StartSmart
* Nero Toolkit
* Nero BurnRights

Users of Nero 5 or Nero 6 have to download Nero BurnRights separately before they will be able to use it. Please click here to get to the download page.

But I am able to burn on regular cds and dvds. I am also able to burn video on rewritable dvds. My only problem is I can’t access data once burned on rewritable dvds.

This seems to be a wide spread issue. There are lots of people posting the same sort of question in forums all over the internet but there aren’t many solutions. My only other suggestion is to check for any other burning software on your pc and uninstall it and reinstall Nero.

Sorry I’m not much more help at the moment.


That’s ok. Thanks for everything Eric. :slight_smile: