Why can't Comodo Dragon scan for viruses?

I’ve been using Epic browser for months and was really happy to see Languy99’s vid about it on youtube.
It made me wonder though why Comodo hasn’t given the dragon some scanning privileges.

I mean if I just wanted to rid myself of google analytics and intrusive google background processes, there are so many chrome clones emerging that claim to do that. I would expect that a security company like Comodo would try to stand above the rest by giving the browser some layered protection abilities.

A download scan or malware blocking dns…or something.

don’t forget that CIS does that and the reason why CD doesn’t do that.


Why can't Comodo Dragon scan for viruses?
because CIS already does it, no point in scanning it twice.
malware blocking dns...or something.
I think that's a great feature, if fact comodo already has it. Here's how to do it (It's easy) For Windows XP http://www.comodo.com/secure-dns/switch/windows_xp.html For Vista or Windows 7 http://www.comodo.com/secure-dns/switch/windows_vista.html

Your basicly just changing your DNS to this


Are you asking for a Web provider or scanner?
Why would a browser scans if we have an antivirus for that?

doesn’t sound bad. comodo can have eset online scanner maybe

i don’t know how it is with comodo’s; i haven’t tried it. I think is can; clearcloud did slow down my download speed.