Why aren't pending authenticates showing up in the Quarantined Database?

I receive an e-mail from a sender that is not yet whitelisted (i.e., their e-mail address isn’t in the Allowed list). The result is that their mail doesn’t show up in my e-mail client’s Inbox and instead Comodo AntiSpam sends a challenge to the sender. The challenge e-mail shows up in the sender’s mailbox but doesn’t respond for awhile (while I check the Quarantined Database). After the challenge got sent and before the sender responds to it, it should be listed in the Quarantined Database as a “Pending Authentication” item. Nope, that list remains completely blank so I cannot see any of the pending challenges.

I then get an e-mail from a sender that is blacklisted (i.e., their e-mail address is in the Blocked list). The Quarantined Dabase list should show this blocked sender. Nope, this list still remains blank.

What is the point of the Quarantine Database list if it always remain empty? It doesn’t show pending authentications. It doesn’t show blocked e-mails.