Why are visited links remembered, when history & cookies are cleared?

I am a new user of Comodo Dragon and am running v. under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

The only installed extensions are AdBlock Plus and the Comodo Site Inspector.

The problem I am having is that when I close and reopen CD, links visited in the previous browsing session are displayed in a different colour to those that haven’t been visited.

In other words, the browser remembers which sites I’ve visited.

This is disconcerting, because in the CD settings I have selected ‘Keep local data only until I quit my browser’, ‘block third party cookies and site data’, ‘clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser’, and ‘clear history when I close my browser’. There are no cookie exceptions.

Also, I am not signed into CD/Google.

So how come CD remembers visited links between sessions? ???

Thanks for any advice.

Are the rest of you guys experiencing the same thing? ???

I find it pretty concerning that this browser, which I downloaded because of its reputation for privacy and security, seems to remember my whole browsing history even though its settings say otherwise… :embarassed:

I’m probably going to have to uninstall and go back to Firefox, despite its clunkiness. :-TD

Hi and welcome,
You are correct in saying the setting Clear history when I close my browser is clearing the history log but it is not clearing the previous visited sites file/log.
Clearing the history via Ctrl+H does appear to clear both history and previous visited sites.
I would expect the Clear history when I close my browser setting to have the same effect, so for this reason I think you have found a bug.
If you can add any extra information to your opening post using the modify function following the Bug Report Guidelines would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
I have moved this to the Bug Reports section as the issue is easy to reproduce.

As a workaround, setting Dragon to Start In Incognito Mode does not store history or previous visited sites as intended.

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m afraid I’ve uninstalled CD for now, but might check out future releases when this issue is corrected.

I appreciate your response, but find it kinda incredible that this bug could have slipped through into a release version. :frowning:

I seemed to have the same problem, but I fixed my issue by doing this:

dragon://dragon/settings/content < copy & paste in Browser to get there faster.

Then once you’re in the area of content look at:

Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser < Put a tick in the box and

Clear history when I close my browser < also put a tick in this box also.

Now that is Complete

Press OK to Close the pages.

Now each time you close a webpage it removes all info. But when you launch the Dragon Browser again press Ctrl + Shift + Delete Keys at the same time then, this does a clean also. Once the Menu closes you can surf the Internet like normal.

I have been doing this often and I don’t get any problems anymore.

Hope this info helps you and others.

All the best


P.S I know this post is similar to captainsticks but I’ve added my version

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Thanks Nige_39,
Yes Ctrl+Shift+Del is the preferred suggestion over my suggested Ctrl+H as it is one less step. :-TU

Thanks for the advice but I’m back to firefox for now.

In CD, I had selected the two options you mention - “Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser” and “Clear history when I close my browser” - so would prefer not to have to do an additional manual step on each run of the browser just to get those options to behave correctly. :-[

But thanks for posting anyhow.

Your Welcome captainsticks Glad to assit.

P.S. You cannot please all ;D

Indeed - and no offence intended. And none taken, I hope. :slight_smile:

None at all It’s all good. Relax truffle :-TU ;D

Regarding this advice >>

“Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser < Put a tick in the box”

I personaly would not do that! I agree for ticking the clearing history box but NOT the clearing cookies as I experimented several problems with it. For instance, all my datas were deleted especially with extensions like Checker Plus for Gmail… If you do not accept the cookies or ask for deleting them before turning your computer off your datas have serious risks to be simply deleted! I also had the same problem with Ccleaner which cleared the cookies. And when I turned my PC on again most datas disappeared! So, I had to untick the cookies clearing box in my Ccleaner parameters…