Why are updates taking about an hour to download and install?

I am downstairs where I get 5 bars, its taking forever and this is the SECOND time, I updated to Windows 8.1 and that some how wiped out my virus definitions so I had to re download them again, I chalked the first one hour download to a server problem but this is taking about an hour again. I am going to use Avast till this problem is fixed.

My reply would’ve been “lol”, but maybe we can talk about this…:slight_smile:

So you’re on a wireless connection?.. You do know / realize how this monitor / reporting system in Windblow$ isn’t very reliable (and also has very little to do with reality, no matter what Micro$oft says about it)? Most of the time, anyway; and is usually the case. :-/ There are bandwidth calculators available to compare the Comodo-reported download time (and such + other factors sometimes).

Avast! is unfortunately becoming more-and-more like bloatware with each new version. Supposedly there are cool-new features and all that… but, I’m not so sure about it all that. Meh, anyway, where’s the problem that you mention??? Comodo was installed and the updates downloaded?.. Just reboot the PC and that’s that; Isn’t / wasn’t it like that?! :wink: :slight_smile:


0k, you were being serious there?! xD The Operating System was upgraded and you expected: what to happen, exactly?.. How many of the other programs behaved in the same way (or was there not-much-else installed for comparison)

Btw., the Comodo Antivirus will, pretty much, only work properly in conjunction w/its HIPS and Auto-Sandbox.

Well I rebooted and HIPS wasn’t working so I did that and it was working BUT my AV database was out of date. Yea idk why it was wiped out but it was wiped out and I had to do the big install all over again.

New operation system, old security product installation?