Why are these progs sandboxed? Another big sandbox problem.

How can i force programs out of the sandbox? If i look at my file manager, it is sandboxed, which, of course, i do not want!

& when i try to unsandbox it, it tells me, it’s already a safe file? So, there is no way of keeping CIS to break my applications, or what? How (where) can i tell CIS “DO NOT SANDBOX THIS APPLICATION!! EVER!!!”?
This is a major annoyance.

People, you have to provide a SAFE way to force sandboxed programs to be NEVER AGAIN SANDBOXED!!!
What is this? because your database thinks, a program is »bad« or »unknown«, the user has no power anymore to change this definition? Is there PLEASE some solution to this?

EDIT: Maybe the »defense plus events« information is just misleading, listing items as »in sandbox«, when actually they are not anymore. This might be the reason, because if the file manager was really sandboxed, i couldn’t actually delete files anymore, right?

So, what about having not that misleading »protocol« list, but instead some way of displaying the ACTUAL STATE of a program (is it or is it not sandboxed anymore, at this time?).
Otherwise it wouldn´t make any sense of havin it marked as »in sandbox« & being a safe file at the same time?!

You should definitely add some whitelist function for sandboxed items.

If it’s already in your safe files list and is still being sandboxed, the only way I know of to keep it from being sandboxed again is to change the applications security policy to Installer and Updater.

I’m seeing this happen with Office 10 Click to Run which seems run off a virtual drive Q.