Why are important topics closed ?

Why are important topics closed by volunteering Mods ? They don’t get closed by Comodo Admins and/or Mods ! I am a little bit worried about where this forum is going. I always thought this was a very open forum, but if I see volunteering Mods are closing topics that are important for this community, I get a itchy feeling. What is the reason for this ? Trying to impress the boss ?

Greetz, Red.

With 4 - 6 Mods online for the last hour, and no answer, I SHOULD be worried I think :-\

No greetz at all, Red.

Sorry Rednose,

Lot’s to read and look into here, as to your query. Things are being sorted behind the scenes.


Hi Bad Frogger :slight_smile:

You are my favorite Mod already now :wink: As you understand I am refering to the two Softpedia topics. Why are they closed ??? If Comodo wanted them to close, they could have closed them selve. But they are closed by volunteering Mods. Why ???

Greetz, Red.

cos we have extra padlocks. got special christmas discount last year ;D

kidding dawg ;D a PM to mod would be sufficient to ask this kind of queston 88)

Why should I PM a Mod ??? Why are volunteering Mods locking topics that Comodo employees don’t ??? Why can’t you give me a straight answer right now ???

Greetz, Red.

to get the answer? 88) i mean, directly PM the mod who locked the topic.

that’s why they have volunteering mods,one of the job is to do the thread locking ;D

cos i don’t know. i was just trolling around, get my postcounts up ;D

i’m kidding hon :slight_smile:
mods are discussing about this issue now. thx for the report :P0l

I think as most of you guys, I was as perplex seeing the topics locked, but I always assume there are good reasons for it.

Anyway, as Ganda already stated, we’re discussing it behind the scenes ;).

Just a small notice : you could perhaps discuss it further over here ? But just stay friendly :wink:


what he said ;D :

Ganda, I’m sure it’s no problem this time, but next time, you might want to ask the person first if you can publish it in the main boards… :wink:

We’re all waiting for Josh before we’re making a move - we call that team-spirit :wink:


huh ??? ow you think i quoted Ewen’s post from mod board? nope, here’s the source

what move? i don’t do nothing ;D

my bad… sorry for that, he must have double posted it :frowning:


Hey Rednose,

The topics in question after some review were, merged here.

and there is a poll started by a forum member on a related slant as Xan has linked above.

As to the status of mods we are all volunteers AFIK, some just don’t sport the modified avatar.
So no factory mods per say.
As we are all human, stuff happens sometimes. So as a group we can only learn, make adjustments and move forward.

So if it’s all good with you. I move that you mark this one resolved. Thanks.


Because it’s our responsibility and we have to use our discretion and we try our best. Comodo entrusted us with it.

In another situation you could ask instead, “why do Comodo staff have to lock topics if that’s the mods’ job?”

Now it’s undone. :a0

This is uncalled for, Red. :frowning: We do our best for the community.

If the masses don’t think we’re doing it well enough, they can feel free to step up to the plate and suggest how we can do it better for the community.

And I don’t mean just stand on the sidelines, point fingers and yell how badly we’re doing - the sidelines are currently a bit crowded and you might not get a seat. I mean actually suggest means by which we can better address issues like this.

It’s neither as easy or as much fun as they may probably think.



Not to be the Chow Dog Here… But Why do you say we try to impress Melih?..
We Keep The Forums Clean, We Have Discussions on how we can better the forum.
If you don’t believe we do a good enough job then Like Ewen Said, You can either

  1. Step Up, and Let Us Know.
  2. If you see something that is not handled then handle it with care, and maybe become one of us, so you can be the guy you want us to be…

Me As a Moderator For This Forum, and Such a Great Forum it Is… I have full respect for Melih, and Comodo Users, Workers…

If you have a major Problem PM Melih.

All in All… We Try To Do the Best We Can, When We Can.

Comodo Workers and Admin’s They Actually Work On The Products Not The Forum… but they do stop in when they can.

Please Tell Us How We Can Improve… We Try To Seek Self Improvement…


Boys ( and men ) :slight_smile:

It was just a question to “tickle” you because I couldn’t find any other reason. And it seems that I have succeeded in that :wink:

My thoughts about closing topics :

I am against it as long as members make usefull ( also critical ! ) contributions. This is a realy open forum, and I think most of us appreciate that. In my opinion misbehaving, trolling, spamming etc. should never be a reason to close a topic. There are other tools to deal with that :

  • Move the unapropriate post(s) to the Forum Policy Violation Board and warn the member by pm :


  • If he/she doesn’t listen lock his/her posting for a certain time ( for example 10 days ).

  • If he/she still doesn’t listen delete all his/her unapropriate posts ( also those already in the Forum Policy Violation Board ), delete his/her account and block the ip.

And yes I know someone can use a proxy and make a new account, but I think this is the best way to deal with such members.

Greetz, Red.