Why antivirus doesn't work during updating virus database?

Why antivirus doesn’t work during updating virus database?

Is it normal? Is it safe?

How about when this update takes several minutes?


What do you mean with doesn’t work?

I mean that I can execute a virus during the updating.

I already tested. Before or after the update CIS detected the virus, but during the update it doesn’t detect.

Well, during a database update the antivirus scanner can’t run because

x:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\scanners* is being updated and that is where CAVS’s sigs are located.

Currently each update is a large one (~4,000 sigs), so it takes a few minutes.

So, I’m a few minutes unprotected? Other antivirus works like that? It doesn’t look safe.

How about if I execute a virus during the update?

I used to use Avira Antivir .

CIS should update like antivir to doesn’t stay unprotect several minutes:

Download the new database and after that load it.


Can you add the to the Wishlist?

Lol, Huh?

If you have “day old signatures” then while it’s updating to the new ones it’s not going to detect anything new anyway. 88)

Being a bit paranoid guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Protected? Antiviruses don’t protect you. They detect threats :wink: Defense+ protects you.

+1, Kyle.


Very good point, its not good that we are not protected by antivirus while its updating itself, +1 to topic starter from me, thanks for bringing this problem being highlighted now comodo dev. will address it, i want to see updates being broken in many small segments so it will be easy to update virus signatures, & also there should be resume for if virus database update fails on 51% then next time updating it should start from 51% onwards that will be blessing of feature. (L) i love comodo (:LOV)

Good catch!
I’d call this a bug, a serious one!