"Why Anti-Virus is not a waste of money"

Why is anti-virus not a waste of money? The service, the support, the timely updates, the research into (future) threats, etc. [b]There is NO such thing as a free anti-virus.[/b] Because of the work that is put into those ‘free’ products, the developer needs to get some return on his investment (ROI).

There is such thing (free antivirus). The name is COMODO Internet Security.
And they dont ask anything in return, just trust.

And another lie to end users:

That proportion isn't in itself surprising: there are several options for anti-virus products that don't cost anything for home users, and [b]plenty of people who "believe that a free antivirus is equally effective in keeping their computers safe as a full security suite,"[/b] nd more than a few irresponsible 'security experts' suggesting on the basis of spurious statistics and imperfect misunderstanding (hat tip to Kurt Wismer) of modern anti-malware technology that AV is not worth paying for.

Posted that a while ago now…


But they would say anything to sell their own product won’t they? Just like Kaspersky said about the high use of the PC resources in order to keep your computer safe while others can’t protect you to a such high level of security.

Having said that ESET is the leading AV out there. But I find such comments disappointing and very damaging to their rep…

This only confirms what Melih has been saying all this time about AV vendors and the way they deceive their own consumers.

It’s very sad how to see how sometimes consumers blindly defend their products’ manufacturers, and manufacturers don’t really care about them (their consumers).

What Eset states is true for most but not all AV solutions. Comodo has other income sources than its security program(s) that are funding the development making it the black swan that shows that all other swans are white.

There is truth in saying an AV alone, often to be had for free, is not enough. However, then the prophets of this point of view automatically connect better security with paid products. Gotta love a bit of spin here and there… :wink:

I have respect for comodos product.
But i dont give so much about the attitude that its free.
Comodo could live a well life without CIS.

I remember a story from my childhood. "A grandma is going into a church. She puts a copper coin into the “bag for the poor”.
A rich man is seeing what she gave, he shakes his head and puts a gold coin into this “bag for the poor”.
“How can someone give a copper coin!”

If you are looking closer, it has been the grandma who has given the most. Because she had just a few coppers.
The rich man gave a shiny thing… but he does not have to care.

When someone is giving away something for free from the only thing he has, i have more respect about this gift.

An antivirus company that offers a good protection for free, while being dependent on income from the same product. Thats something honorable. You cant say, its wrong that they want money.

For comodo, its really nice that they use their potential for benefit of people. No question.
But its not possible for everyone to do it like that.
Others do it different.
Others dont do it at all.

Its not that easy to compare.

There are a lot of free antivirus software out there, What they are saying is not a lie. They are not just saying Free is bad, But they still say free is not as good, which is true is a lot of cases.

To make an easy calculation:
If i had paid 10 years a security product for 69,99
i would have paid 700 dollars.
In the same time period it never had to save my a…

Its obvious what my informed choice will be…
Everything else would be stupid or marketing blind.

Anti-virus products are pricy which is Why I use Comodo. There are few products that offer the level of protection for free as comodo does. I am glad I chose comodo instead of norton Security suite which our other computers use (we get it free from comcast. Basically norton 360), since most of us are novices, but I decided to take time to learn how to use and respond to the alerts comodo gives.

Is mse bad.?
Its free and from microsoft.

Well, only if you think bottom of lists is bad… :wink:

Lately i even saw a test where mse not only got a bad result, it even got a negative result. I had to look twice… a negative score :smiley:

I did not say all, I said many.

Now I agree that some of the free AV’s out there are not capable of protecting you. But ESET didn’t say that there are some exceptions did it? It shoved all in one box so to speak. So Avast, Comodo, Avira, AVG, Panda and now Bitdefender can’t protect you as good as the paid AV? I beg to differ…

It provides only the basic protection but it’s very good when it comes down to FP.

But it’s not doing great these days according to these sources:

I tend not to agree with Microsoft when they say people do not really stumble upon zero day malware because there are various cases where malware has been spread by hacked ad servers.

Microsoft also states

“Our review showed that 0.0033 percent of our Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection customers were impacted by malware samples not detected during the test,” wrote Joe Blackbird, program manager for Microsoft Malware Protection Center, in a blog post. “In addition, 94 percent of the malware samples not detected during the test didn’t impact our customers.”

How can they tell if they can’t detect the malware in the first place? ??? 88)

My thought exactly.

Many (if not ALL) free AV cannot be compared with COMODO.

COMODO gives protection absolutely free. The other ones, just give you a “taste” and if you need to improve security, you have to purchase. COMODO doesn’t sell protection to home users, but gives it completely FREE.

Sure. Since nobody provides such complete security suite for free. Note: I was only talking about AV itself.

If ESET wanted to say that only complete security suite can protect you and since nobody provides it for free (except few) that’s another matter. But don’t call it AV call it IS.

At the end of the day it was marketing to reassure their customers to continue to use their product after reading bad news about AV protection.

One of the other ones gave me more than what i wanted for free. I had to reduce their package by ~90% so i just have what i wanted.

Its just marketing. All.