Why am I getting TrustConnect alerts

saying that my computer has joined an unsecured wireless network?

I am on my usual home wireless network, which is WPA protected. I don’t understand this at all.

when you first installed cis, you should have got a pop up asking if you were on a home network, work, or public. if you select public the trustconnect popup will show up because when you are on a public network your data could be intercepted. when you use trustconnect it encrypts your data.

if you want to disable the trustconnect popup go to the firewall tab → firewall behavior settings then untick “show trustconnect alerts for unsecured wireless networks” and “show trustconnect alerts for public networks”

Thank you for the response. It is helpful to know I can untick the alerts.

However, I am still confused about why I got the alert in the first place. I was pretty sure I checked “home” on initial setup. However, whether I checked “home” or “public,” I am still working on a WPA-secured private network.

Why would Comodo tell me that I have just joined an unsecured network, when I am protected by WPA? Should I be concerned that my home network is not secure, or that WPA is not working?

Thanks again for any help you can give. The alert is a little alarming.

CIS does not check if your encryption is active or not, so this message can only be based on a ‘public’ label for the network.

Can you please verify the following go to Firewall → Network Security Policy → Network Zones.
And verify if there are ‘Public’ zones defined there?

It shows two zones, the Loopback Zone and Home #1.

I don’t see anything about a public zone. I get the alert occasionally. I am assuming it is when my ISP disconnects me briefly and then reconnects?

I don’t really understand these things. Is it normal to have “System” and some other programs “listening” on various ports?

Thanks again.

It might be a bug, does your WIFI use DHCP to assign IP addresses to the clients?
It could be that during DHCP refresh/negotiation something strange happens.

Yes, system could be listening on tcp 139/445 and maybe a few others depending on system configuration.
If you don’t trust it you can post a screenshot and we can have a look at it.

Yes, it does use DHCP, I think.

Yes, those are the two ports System is listening on.

It doesn’t sound like I have anything to worry about. Thank you for your help.

Just the other day, I was in a similar situation. I was checking some of my settings and removed the available “Network Zones” under “Network Security Policy.” The next time my notebook recognized my WPA2-protected wireless network, Comodo notified me of it and asked me whether i was at home, at work or at a public place (see http://help.comodo.com/uploads/Comodo%20Internet%20Security/b4cf42e29dc35f0dfdb8fcdc9e9277ed/5eac818f1e1c4adc19d335055b06586b/db6a3308c73237b6bd375889a894c0b0/cis_comp_install11.png). Since I was at home and the wireless network is only used by me, I checked “I am at home.”

Immediately afterwards, a warning popped up that my “computer has joined an unsecured wireless network” (see http://help.comodo.com/uploads/Comodo%20Internet%20Security/b4cf42e29dc35f0dfdb8fcdc9e9277ed/5eac818f1e1c4adc19d335055b06586b/db6a3308c73237b6bd375889a894c0b0/cis_inst_warning.png) and I had to either get myself TrustConnect or “continue unsecured.”

Although I’m under the impression that my CIS is working just fine, I’m somewhat confused by the message since my wireless network is WPA2-protected.

The interesting question is whether or not this does affect my safety in any way or requires me to change some of the default settings in my CIS. How and to what extent am I continuing unsecured?

If your sure you are on WPA2 there is nothing to worry about, AFAIK CIS does not verify the encryption type.
It should only alert for unsecured if you chose ‘Public’ so we seem to be facing a bug here for some reason.