Why am i getting several of the following messages?

Blocked by Protocol Analysis:

ICMP Outgoing

D: some host
Echo request

Reason ICMP packete size (1472) is too big.

Can you plz explain to me whats happening?

Which program tries to send this? R u using some sort of bandwith monitor etc? It is the protocol analysis which blocks ICMP packets more than 1024 bytes.

Actually it doesnt say which app tries to do that, but yer iam using an app called stmonitor to monitor and view my adsl bandwidth. But if it was that app why comodo doesnt mention its name?

And why it blocks icmp packets more then 1024 bytes?

Excellent question.

Group Policy determination on a MS LAN is done by sending three 0 btye ICMP packets and then 3 2048 byte ICMP packets, compare the return time results to flaga link as fast or slow. If CPF is classing ICMP packets >1024 bytes as bad then this could cause problems on larger LANS using policies.


ewen :slight_smile: