Why am I getting a security warning about Hotmail?

My mom tries to sign in to her hotmail account with Comodo Dragon and she gets an orange alert screen that comes up saying:

It may not be safe to exchange information with this site
The security (or SSL) certificate for this website indicates that the organization operating it may not have undergone trusted third-party validation that it is a legitimate business. Although the information passed between you and this website will be encrypted, you have no assurance of who you are actually exchanging information with, and many websites connected to cyber-crimes use this type of security certificate. Prior to exchanging sensitive information including login/password, personal identity information, or financial details such as credit card numbers with any website that generates this warning, you should find some alternative method of validating this business or consider abandoning the transaction.

For crying out loud, this is HOTMAIL. It is owned by MICROSOFT. You can’t get much more legit then that! The URL in the address bar (when this warning comes up) begins mail.live.com - which is the legitimate hotmail address and the SSL certificate seems to be registered to microsoft. So why on earth is Dragon giving us security warnings about this very common website?

It seems that you don’t have latest Dragon?
Dragon is no longer displaying this warning on low-validation certificates. Update your browser.

That was my first thought - that maybe the browser was out of date compared to currant security protocols. So I checked the options and automatic updates are enabled! I can only assume that the broswer is up-to-date.

Is there a downloadable updater I can download, just to be sure?

Here you go: http://download.comodo.com/dragon/DragonSetup.exe

Installer allows you to update if not up-to-date.

Muchas Grasias, AMigo! ;D

Tried it today. It worked fine. Thanks again!

Ok, glad to hear that. :-TU