Why always about to abtain system Time privilege

I’ve used comodo for a long time and recently when I run programs ,such as firefox,foobar2k,kmplayer… almost all of my softwares ,it is pop Defense Alert say:it is about to obtain System Time privilege. This is not happen before.
Is it possible any virus in my computer? Why they are about to obtain System Time privilege?
I feel confused and curious… ???

I use Windows XP

A couple of basic questions first. Are you running XP Home, or XP Professional? And are you running as an administrator, or as a limited user? This is really kind of unusual. A web browser like Firefox, in particular, has no reason to be using “System Time” privilege, which is used to set the date and time on your machine.

thx for your reply
I use xp pro sp2 and run as administrator…
I had scanned my computer by AVG,Spybot&Destroy,but this alert still come when I run software.
I guess this is caused by some installed software recently.But I not sure which program.
How can I find the reason and fix the problem?

XP Pro, and running with admin privileges… I don’t think you should ever get any kind of question about privilege. A quick reality check: can you change the time yourself? Easy way to find out is to right-click on the taskbar clock, and go for Adjust Date/Time. If Windows comes back and says “no, you’re not admin” and you are admin, then odds are you’ve got a malware problem that’s trying to lock you out.

But, if you can adjust the time, then I have no idea what might be causing the problem.

Yes,I can change the time… Everything seems to be normal,except the curious alert.
It is bored me every time I run programs.I have to block,block,block…
thx for your help.
And I got no idea too…
Have anybody met this situation before?

Do you have ThreatFire installed? I just installed it and suddenly a lot of programs wanted to obtain ‘SystemTime’ privilege…

I am guessing that it’s something to do with it, but why it wants to do that I don’t know…

Thats evidently threatfire - I reinstalled TF lately and every executable asks for system time privilege. Will you fix it orTF guys should?

In my opinion I think ThreatFire should fix their code, why on earth their program needs to cause other programs to want to get systemtime privilege I don’t know, but to me it doesn’t seem like Comodo’s fault at all.