Why all the disk access from Comodo?

Why is Comodo causing my laptop hard drive accessing when the laptop is not doing anything? Ifi I close down Comodo the hard drive accesses quit. I have disabled logging files in Comodo. Using XP Pro SP2 w Comodo Machine has 2 GB RAM.

Try turning the logging on for D+ for a bit to see if anything is being logged.
It could be some software interaction being blocked.


Well I enabled logging for Defense+ but I have no idead if the logs were created. Where does Comodo store the logfile?

To view the Defense+ logs, Open CFP, click DEFENSE+ → COMMON TASKS → VIEW DEFENSE+ EVENTS

To view the Firewall logs, Open CFP, click FIREWALL → COMMON TASKS → VIEW FIREWALL EVENTS

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ok. Because of file sharing problems I have had to uninstall Comodo to determine what is causing the problem. May try Comodo at a later date.