Why 5.3 not compatible to FreeRapid Downloader again?

I use “Clean PC” mode and all work fine until the new 5.3.

In 5.3’s “Clean PC” mode, FRD hangs for 30+ seconds before startup. Ater that, it can’t connect to any task server and even it’s own update server.

I try to just set D+ from “Clean PC” to “Safe Mode”, it works again. But I really hate the annoying prompt in Safe Mode.

Can anyone help me?

You can set Training Mode for a couple of minutes and use FreeRapid Downloader, so CIS will learn the behavior, and then switch back to Clean PC Mode.

I switch to Training mode and run FRD for 10 min, including do some download jobs, check new plugin and check for new version. Then I quit FRD, and switch D+ to Safe mode again, it stop working again!

should I do sth else???

Mark FreeRapid Download as a Trusted Application: Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → in the Defense+ Rules tab click Add button → browse to the FRD executable and Use a Predefined Policy: Trusted Application. If the FRD is currently sandboxed (you can see that on Summary page), restart computer after marking it as a Trusted Application and report back if it works.

I have add frd.exe to trusted file list already, in fact, I add all 2 possible files in trust files:

C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\launch4j-tmp\frd.exe
C:\Program Files\FreeRapid\frd.exe

it’s no use… ???

Make sure that FRD isn’t listed in the Blocked Zones/Files section (you can check that in the Network Security Policy and Computer Security Policy.

It works now.

It’s the fault of the .cfgx of the previous verison. I import the new .cfgx and run, It’s all OK.

Thanks for deadman

Importing your old configuration can cause strange problems like this.