why 2 iexplore IE8

Why 2 iexplore “IE8” asking for Udp out distination 53

ie7 only 1 connection udp out for 53

Is it right?

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I’m personally not using IE8 but I can only presume it’s some sort of sub element of IE8 connecting to DNS server.

Here’s detailed information on this particular port:



thanx for your quick response! :slight_smile:

i am new to this but here is another picture!

thats explanie better perhaps?

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I think the reason you got 2 of IE 8 is because IE makes a separate process for each tab…
And each separate process makes its own connections… =) Just a guess…

Try opening more tabs… You get more connections? And more “internet explorer’s” running?
=) This is a security future in IE8, to prevent crashes and stuff…

So it is a normal for procedure for IE8

thx for help anderstand to a newbi :slight_smile:

Monkey_Boy=) and Eric

Just downloaded and tried IE 8. :slight_smile: I have no UDP connections for IE8…
I tried loading several pages using multiple tabs but it gives NO UDP connections to port 53 for me only TCP.
IDK if its a normal procedure… I just know It don’t occur here right now…
Also it “seems” like a new process is lunched not on every tab… But on every third or something… =S

Anyway I “believe” it is quite normal behaviour for a browser to use UDP and connect through port 53…
=) But you never know… Are your computer feeling “slow” or do you believe that your computer is infected?

Then doing some on demand scans with A-squared free and Super anti spyware wouldn’t hurt… :slight_smile:


UDP out 53 maybe it is for i using router but why 2 connection on 53 ?

i have open many tabs and i get many iexplore connection that i know!
but only 2 udp port 53 before IE7 1 udp port 53

if i dont allow it i cant get to internet but if i abortion 1 udp port 53 in comodo
when i am out on internet i still Connected to internet
i am using “opendns” maybe that has someting to do with it?

i am using xp sp3

i have done a scan with comodo and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

i have no problem only Curiosity to teach :slight_smile:

I’m gonna explain why.

If you run IE8, you can see 2tabs actually.
One is for a main tab, another is for 2nd tab.
In case of IE7, also it shows you 2nd tab.
But there are 3 different things between IE7 and IE 8 for tabs.

1.IE8 runs 2 processes when you run IE8.

2.IE8 has a Crash prevention fucntion.

3.IE8 has a Crash recovery fucntion.

When you run IE8 you can see following process.

IE7: when it’s crashed while using multi tabs, whole IE processes gone.

IE8: when it’s crached while using multi tabs, only a crashed process gone.
main processes still alive.

It means IE8 runs 2processes at one time.
That’s why IE8 uses 2 of port 53 for DNS lookup.

Also there is a new architecture for IE8.
IE8 shows you menu bar, address bar and other bars on UI.
The UI is shared with each IE tabs. That’s why IE8 can survive even if other tabs
are crashed. That’s how IE8 works.

So, Using 2 connections on port 53 is a NORMAL thing.

Feel free with IE8.

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Very good explanation

Thx Creasy :slight_smile: