who's your favorite pokemon

If it wasn’t nasty shin-ganda, than your pic sure is nasty!

lol wow. People out there now have adequate ammunition to say the people of Comodo’s forums are nerds.

But um, my vote goes to Jesse. … of team rocket, she is sooooooo hot.

So ■■■■ sexy, I’d …

Anyone ever notice that she always transitions from ■■■■■■ poses? Seriously, you’ll see here like in the doggy style position, and other ■■■■■■ positions, in transition and stuff.

It’s like they are hiding ■■■■■■ innuendo in their show for kids or something.

I like it, hi five!

This sounds like you haven’t had sex in a loooooooooooooong time! Now you fantasize about sex when you watch pokemon!! (:TNG)

okey, what do you think about Misty then??? (:WIN) :SMLR

Sweet (sex(pokemon))dreams ! (:LOV)

no i didn’t >:(

hey hey guys >:( this is pokemon thread, no sex included >:(


still would love to see jesse and misty nude!


but i like pickachu too

Are all pokemon nude by nature ??? And this show is still on-going?

yes yetix has the right to broadcast it, i like the girls of totally spies too!!! they are hot!!!

that shows also goes on for ages!!! I think there will be a movie of them also!

the one i watch is the old TV series.

Well Vader, my nearly three year dry spell aside, I’ve always been totally into Jesse. Even when I was … um, not unlucky.

Misty? eh. Nah, I’m kind of a one pokemon girl kinda guy.

… except there was one chick who appeared in just a couple episodes, she battled Ash with fire pokemon, think she had red hair. She was totally hot, reminded me of Avril Lavigne.

… we had sex once while my girlfriend went to work.

… x girlfriend.


wow, this thread is totally pathetic, my contributions are 99% of the sadness.

Good game me. I kick @$$.

… NOT!

Ganda is KEWL ;D I want to change my vote to I love Ganda ;D

:-TU :-TU (:HUG) welcome to wisemen society (:HUG)

what kind of pokemon is shin-ganda actually??? anyone knows???

I know who , here he is


snore … snore … zzzz … snore …


■■■■ i didn’t know shin-ganda is fat, slow, lazy and ugly (:TNG)

Snorlax is pretty strong though

I wonder what the response of ganda will be on this one (:TNG)

Too late!!! I already voted for it, only one vote allowed >:( ;D

Thought I’d humor Ganda and the others for a while :slight_smile:

Ganda doesnt take love humourously. That means you’re his next target. Picture it like this:
Justin <---- Ganda

:o :cry:

Did you see it’s picture, it will take to long for him to just stand up ;D.
btw, Ganda will never do that, he knows that Justin can just lock him up in this threat ;D


btw, I found Soya

Xan :wink:

who is that pokemon???