who's your favorite pokemon

well, somebody posted about favorite teletubbies show, ice age character, siren :THNK .
why don’t i create a poll about pokemon. ;D
beside, this is more elegant than changing your name & post about it ;D

This is the most useless poll I’ve seen because all votes are evenly distributed

Don’t worry, I have edited the poll 88)


no it’s not >:( it was not >:( i vote only for 5 squirtle >:(

heeeey >:( (:AGY)
you can’t do that >:( we should at least have 3 squirtles to vote for >:(

My Pokemon cards bring all the nerds to the yard,
and they’re like, you wanna trade cards?
Damn right, i wanna trade cards, but not charizard
dun nun da dun dun… the nerds are waiting dun nun da dun dun

!ot! dun nun da dun dun ??? voodoo spell?
btw, this is worshiping squirtle topic (you can worship me too,if you want).
squirtle is good :-TU squirtle is great :-TU squirtle is awesome :-TU
vote for squirtle (:HUG)

Are we meant to vote for our favorite Pokemon… Or… your favorite Pokemon cause there aren’t any choices ??? ???

My favourite’s the policewoman of course, though I’m not certain that she can be put in and out of a ball. ???

HI all!

What is this topic all about???

Anyways, I like ash, teamrocket, misty, brock and I like pikachu and miauth (dont no how to spell it correctly)

oh officer jenny, she’s not a pokemon >:( :-TD and i don’t know about policewoman and a ball :THNK ;D

it’s obvious, this topic is about your fave pokemon,
ash,teamrocket,misty,brock are not pokemon,
it’s “meowth”.

blame josh >:( i respect democracy, but josh change my thread >:(
these were the original choices:

  1. squirtle
  2. squirtle
  3. squirtle
  4. squirtle
  5. squirtle
  6. other (you suck ;D )

see? i’m generous and open minded (:HUG)

One day, I’m going to become rich and famous after I invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.

<a href="http://www.bash.org/?4281>Source


stabbing internet device??? ???

you better invent a real pokemon ball and breed you verry own pokemon!

Why make one?
I got Ganda here with me.

We live in the same country.
…separated by thousand of living sharks. (Thank God!)

…let’s just hope he doesn’t have to swim around; when I’m chasing his arsh!

so I guess you live in indonesia or something?

Yes, …in Indonesia.
Jakarta, to be exact.

Do you want to have Ganda’s office address?
…oops, I forgot. He’s a pokemon.
He’s doesn’t go to work.
All he needs to do, is bouncing of the ball when it’s thrown at some nasty fang poke-chu.

I mean… he’s living inside a ball, right?

It sure sounds like ghanda has done something nasty to you!


anyways, is Melih also from Indonesia or Malaysia?? COMODO is the name of an island nearby Australia I think. There is also the comodo dragon, this creature looks like a real dragon and it is one of the biggest lizzards out there I think.

COMODO describes a unique kind of place in the world (comodo island) and a unique kind of creature (the comodo dragon) I guess thats why COMODO products are that unique.

Is it true that Melih has extracted the company name from above statements???

No. Melih's from Turkey (Someone correct me if I'm wrong), and live in England right now. And here's why the Comodo name's.

…3 months ago, when I visit Turkey, I bought this “Turkish Delight” and took a picture of it, just to post it in this forum. …if Melih’s indeed from Turkey he must know how this 'thing’s taste like.

…it’s like someone’s pouring over 10 cup of sugar into your mouth!!
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt jelly thing, kill my tongue’s sense in 3 seconds.

Oh, well…
</Off Topic>

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→ !ot!

I didn’t know that Melih is from Turkey!!! I thought he was from Malaysia actually. But you say if Melih recognizes the pictures he is from Turkey?? ???

But anyways I like his way of thinking, he makes sense and I understand his logic. (:WIN)

→ !ot!

P.S: nice pics!

;D oh so we have off topic immunity if we use this smiley? → !ot! ;D

typo :stuck_out_tongue:
nasty? it depends, :stuck_out_tongue:

i wonder who voted for “i love ganda” 88)