Whole day wasted with another broken Comodo installation.

I REALLY dread installing new Comodo. I have been using since the day it was released, but being stupid, decided to jump in and try installing the latest Comodo 10 version. I should’ve known better.

Installed (“Upgraded”) without uninstalling old version, which was my first mistake, restarted PC, opened Chrome and dialog pops up asking if I want to allow it access to net, I press the button to treat Chrome as a browser, and yup… the dialog freezes. Try to open Comodo from taskbar? Whole app freezes. Right click to open task manager from start bar? Whole Window freezes.

Only way out was to restart PC, but it starts me outside my Windows profile as an admin, saying something about some Event service not working. Waste more time trying to uninstall new Comodo since it keeps freezing PC when uninstalling.

Now after wasting 4 hours, went back to System Restore, Comodo 10 still shows up in taskbar, no way to uninstall. But downloading from some third party site (feels so safe) since Comodo refuses to let you download older versions with their shit installer. Hopefully I will be able to install over 10 and go back to what was working in Windows 7.

I have been using Comodo for a long time, and every new version has same installation problems which have never been fixed. I am guessing it’s because focus is always on a new OS, forgetting the problems on older ones. Now it’s Windows 10 that’s busy breaking everything for Windows 7 users. Great.

Wasted so many hours trying to get PC back to normal. Haven’t had to do so much shit on my Windows 7 installation since I installed it back in 2012. >:(

The point is, don’t bother installing 10 on Windows 7. Like playing a Russian Roulette.

I wish I read the forums…

You have it backwards, it’s not Windows (Microsoft’s) fault, it’s 100% on Comodo. They’ve had ample time to test things using fast ring, slow rings, etc. but instead they wait until the very last minute to start fixing things before the big day MS releases their Windows Update, they then rush and botch a bunch of stuff because, well, they are rushing against the clock.

They don’t do beta’s or RC’s to get feedback, instead they just pass their little secret builds around the mod table, and if everything seems okay between the very few, they push out the update to thousands of users.

GG Melih.

Sorry, I don’t agree that problems are all Comodo. If MS decide to change things in a way which makes other applications not work correctly there would be no doubt that the fault was with MS. So what is different with Comodo. It may run closer to the base of the system but it seems to me that they don’t care if they break such products because then they might get more people moving to their own antivirus and firewall.

Interesting logic 88)

You make software that run under MS, MS does not make software that suits Comodo, what is easier that MS make their software suitable for hundred of thousands of software (if not more) or you make your software suitable for MS? plus this update came to me yesterday, why didn’t they stop it? MS update was almost a month ago, in case this was an update related issue.

For me that is not even the problem, mistakes happen, the question is why do they prevent people from downgrading? make all the excuses you want, they’re just excuses! my safety? my safety is my responsibility, put a warning for older files if you want, but that is not the real reason, I was using version 5 two months ago and I was fine and if anything slipped I won’t blame anyone, I don’t test Trojans for a living anyway, I can’t even go back to a version I was using yesterday lol and my safety is served better by forcing me search for older version on other sites? don’t make a small security statement and inflate it when the real reason is something else you don’t want to admit, people are not stupid, talking to Comodo owners here not staff who just promote what they are told to promote, if policy change they flip with it.

All this makes me hate Comodo brand, yes I keep using the free firewall (I was using the same version for 4 years anyway) but I NEVER recommend Comodo to anyone, I don’t even install it on family member’s PCs, it is just a pain in the *** brand that don’t care about anything but their goals, that is not worth supporting, turn into a paid software only, I’ll pay for something else than pay you.

Hate to break it to ya DLW, but Comodo is the one here that needs to adapt to their environment, the environment doesn’t need to adept for Comodo. Adapt or die.

I’m not suggesting that the environment adapts to Comodo. What I am suggesting is that MS stop changing the environment in such a way that applications like Comodo break. In fact, I often wish MS would stop changing the way I have to work with Windows as that is a pain as well.

As part of my attempts to find a working configuration, I pulled up a year old Windows 7 image with no updates installed since then and ran the standalone Comodo installer against it. The same fountain of issues: dead slow boot, agent does not start, diagnostics hangs, Windows services get ninja-blocked so it does not even connect to the LAN. Ergo, recent Comodo update disaster has nothing to do with Microsoft changing anything.

Right now I’m choosing between the old version of Comodo (v8 as far as I remember) and dropping Comodo whatsoever. By the scale of the problems, v10 would need at least a few more months of debugging. Seriously, it can’t even install - imagine how it’s going to run!

I also had problems with the latest upgrade.
I did a clean install and it works.
I am very angry about Geek Buddy however.
Made a separate post about it.

CIS does not support Windows 7 without SP1. I can install CIS 10 on a base Windows 7 SP1 install in a VM and have no problems.

Their OS, their environment, deal with it. Your argument is the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for destroying their excuses :-TU

I made a clean install just to check their claims, nope!

With clean install Comodo stopped working, this did not happen with upgrade, I made several restarts after upgrade and no problems starting Comodo, just other problems, with clean install Comodo is not working at all now after reboot and I had no errors while uninstalling old one or installing new one.

He said a year old Windows 7 (with no further updates), SP1 was released in 2011, how did you come to the results that he has no SP1?

You have no problems? well the forum is full of people who do, testing in a test environment for 5 minutes means nothing, actually Comodo understand that very well, that is why we are not allowed to go back to older version but that will cost you, it’s not fee, when the market changes you will know it.