Who Works at Comodo?

Who All Actually Works At Comodo?
I was just wonderin…


you mean forum member who works at comodo? i think the ones who have “comodo staff” symbol below their name

Really?! You mean all I have to do is put on this sticker

and I can become a CEO?

can you do that? i want that sticker too ;D

Well, you know what they say. It’s…“Free. Forever.” ;D

For what :o Making Hammers and Voodoo Dolls ;D

Greetz, Red.

interesting, security hammers & voodoo dolls certified by comodo ;D

are these the real people who work tat comodo? …and other pictures throughout the website
http://www.comodo.com/images/style/research.jpg < example

That’s me standing in the background and Ganda with the long hair :).


i dont know these guys :slight_smile:


;D ;D ;D

err, spooky photo thread is here
;D ;D