Who wants to play with a new VE Beta version ;-) (it has VEAIDA in it!!!) :-)

pls reply here if you are interested…


Hi Melih,

I’d like to. What’s VEAIDA. by the way?


you’ll see when you play with the beta version :wink:
I will send the app to your email address if thats ok? Its zipped and small.


Ok, thanks Melih - I’ve just received it so I’ll install and let you know.


That idea looks really cool - I like it :wink:

But, one problem after installing VE Windows Security Center is saying there is no firewall, yet CPF is active.

I’m using the beta CPF with OSMODE=3


Hi Melih,

I would like to…

Best regards,


Bring it on!

Ewen :slight_smile:

ok then…

here it is :slight_smile:

Pls note this is just a beta :slight_smile:

do go to the above sites to test the VEAIDA :wink: (its patent pending btw :slight_smile: )

Your feedback is very important pls.


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Hey Melih,

When I try to download the beta I get the following error message;
“An Error Has Occurred!
It seems that you are not allowed to download or view attachments on this board.”


Ewen :frowning:
(WCF3) (WCF3) (WCF3)

Any feedback would be appreciated pls :slight_smile:

Do you like the VEAIDA feature?
Does it work?
Any improvements?
Any bugs?

thank you for your help guys :slight_smile: With this tool, we can kill phishing!


Hi Melih,

I have a bug - when I installed VE, Windows Security Center started saying it could not detect a firewall yet CPF was active. I installed VE over the existing VE - should I have uninstalled existing VE first even though it uninstaled it anyway?

I uninstalled VE but WSC still did not recognise CPF, so I did a system restore and got the old VE back and WSC recognised CPF again.

I really love VEAIDA idea it’s cool especially if you sometimes forget to verify a webpage (like I do :D), but I’ll uninstall VE beta for the time being, but I’ll be back ;).


PS. could this have anything to do with IE7, although I was using FireFox to test VE?

Hi Mike,

Our firewall and VE guys are running some tests on it now to determine why this happened.

I’ll keep you posted.



Ok, thanks Shane.


Still no go - and I can’t attach a screenshot either. Attachments don’t appear under “additional options” any more. ???

ewen :frowning:


The new VEAIDA is wonderful, now it is even easier to use!


Send me the picture via e-mail I will host and post it for you.


After a reboot Windows Security Center no longer notices Comodo Personal Firewall on and says no firewall is turned on.

Works now I’ve been downgraded :cry: Absolute power was obviously absolutely corrupted! LOL

ewen :slight_smile:

how about the VEAIDA feature guys?
its automatically assuring each site you go to about their identity!
is it good?
can we make it better? how?



One small point. in the context menu for the VE icon, there is “online help”. It loads the online help for the original version of VE, not the current version.

ewen :slight_smile:
(WCF3) (WCF3) (WCF3)

Melih, I would like to try it… :wink:

The support for Opera was added?