Who uses the Full Suite?

Hi SiberLynx!!

First it is nice to talk to you once more.
You helped me often on the EMSi forums in the past.

Are you talking about real,in the wild malware bypassing sandbox(ie) or a few proof of concepts that MAY have,
aided by poor user configuration?(of either Sandbox or Windows,or both)


edit typo:brain fingers out of sync.

As we don’t know nothing, I guess Comodo’s Behavioral Blocker is only a SMART MODE in Defense+, but I’m curious too!


Hi hammersmith,

1st, thanks for the kind words but I cannot possibly know all nicknames & their “equivalents” in other forums : )
If I did help – I am very glad. Many people out their helped me. Why wouldn’t I give some in return.

As for your question with sanboxing … honestly… I hope you understand, that I had no intention to see this thread going !ot!.

My comment was just to point out why I don’t care about new AV (Comodo’s included) – because it is not the way to fight malware. Nothing really “'new” can be introduced… except new way(s) of generating FPs :smiley:

The aim her just to vote about using Full Suite or not
I posted few words explaining “why” I voted this particular way.

So let’s leave that for the other threads and stay on-topic here


p.s. Other than that, googling will give a lot to read in return:
“malware bypassing sandboxing”; “can malware bypass sandboxie?”, or something like: “abuse of virtualization technology” / “rootkit over hardware virtualization” ;“blue pill”; “kernel-level rootkit”; “deep freeze vulnerabilyties ”….and so on… you will find (I am sure you know that already anyway) that there are still big problems in the Kingdom.

Hi The Joker,

In addition to posting about the intention to stay on-topic as in my previous reply to hammersmith…
…Sure I agree about knowing nothing yet …but I will be extremely disappointed if that is “SMART MODE in Defense+”
It should not be, since BB works entirely different to the Defence+ HIPS style of catching every event performed by unknown application and notifying / asking users who hardly can comprehend … well let’s stop here :wink:


I don’t use any form of sandboxing. I just don’t see the need for it. I’m concerned with V4 having it and I hope it works without causing problems with any of the things I use.

Hello again Dch48

The idea of sandboxing is not bad actually - and it’s definitely adding the strength to the security as a separate layer. It’s just one cannot entirely rely on it, so you may or may not use it.
No questions that we all are expecting - it will not cause problems … who needs that? :slight_smile:
Let’s just hope it is not integrated and exists as a completely separate component - that’s all that’s required in order to use it or not (… with or without problems ;D )


Hello Lynx,And thanks for the reply.

Yes there are problems in The Kingdom of Virtualization!!
Just as in all things made by men.

Yes,I try not to be an ostrich ,with my head in the sand,
but rather than thinking of some future answer, I tend to
compare virtualization against signature based detection,and the dice,(Just for ME!!)
turn up in favor of virtualization.
I already have the best HIPS.(D+!!)

I have to agree that full suite is not the answer for every user,it is not for me at the moment.

But working toward that end,I am sure we both agree,is a good thing.
Idealism,any day over Cynicism.
The positive,upbeat tone of your posts,leave me confident of agreement on this.

edit: spelling,as always.

Oh, I was not clear. I delete the backup of the signatures. Haven’t tried deleting the very signature file.

Full suite. :3

This may be a little off topic but the survey asks if you use D+ only. How does one install D+ as a standalone with no firewall? I would be interested in installing this as a standalone.

Hi tgell,

Well, … probably not many tried (I can be wrong) , but since you have “Disable” as one of the options in Firewall - that can be done

… but sure, that applies to the part of the question - “use D+ only”

you install both, but you may need to switch the firewall Off (at least temporarily)

My regards

yeah that is what i ment by that. turn off firewall.

Full suite here on two XP SP3’s. :ilovecomodo: