who to trust online and how? (ok ok.. a bit of self promotion.. but hey.. )

Hi Everyone

a bit of self promotion, but it does truly help end users. The more sites verified by Comodo the better for end users.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



I spotted some typos/errors…

You need to feel comfortable that the company you are about to give your Credit Card details to it a legitimate company and deserves your business!
should be "is"
This will help everyone as well as Comodo (because we provide this services at a fee to online retailers which funds out efforts to make even more, free and high
should be "our"

I would suggest changing

Just look out for this Corner of TrustLogo (CoT for short) in the bottom right corner of the website and luckily all Comodo protected sites probably do carry this logo.
to "...website; Comodo protected sites should already carry this logo" which would be better, grammatically, and from a readability standpoint


Please ask every online retailer you visit to display the Comodo Logo if they don’t already display it and here’s a friendly little email you might want to send to those TrustLogo-less merchants.

to “…already display it; here’s a friendly little…”

There you go.

And thanks for that very much, and the sample email. In the email it references the logo as “this” logo, which would seem to indicate a picture or image of the logo… Do we cut ‘n’ paste that into the email, or just refer to it by a link?


thanks Little mac… we are on it. :slight_smile: