Who to save a scheduled task to baseline

I’m attempting to get CTM to revert to our baseline on every reboot, however when I created a scheduled task and ‘reset baseline’ and reboot I loose the scheduled task. Here the sequence I’ve been using:

Add Scheduled Restore Task → Restore at System Startup → Restore system to: Baseline (current) → Remove all other snapshots after restoring
Reset Baseline

I was expecting the “Scheduled Task” to be embedded into the Baseline when I do a “Reset Baseline”.

Am I missing something ?

Hi abuklea:

For some reasons, the scheduled restore tasks will be removed after reset baseline. And we will consider your opinion, thanks for your support.

Best Regards.

Thanks for getting back to me.

So, if I need to revert to a known state on every reboot I need to restore to a snap shot other than the baseline ?

Interestingly enough, I have another public workstation with CTM installed. Somehow it has a scheduled task embedded into it’s baseline - however I cannot reproduce it’s config.