who removed my posts from this thread

I’d like to know who removed my posts from this thread and why that was done.
We don’t need any censors here.

I think Ganda splitted the topic to here


he just did his job, we want on-topic posts only, no off-topic posts.


i can tell that comodo forum is one of the only forum i know where u can post what u want, i never saw any post deleted, it’s possible if some post is full of insults and nothing more, the post can be deleted or bad words would changed by ***** and the topic would be closed.
moderators and admins of comodo are an exemple on how to moderate a forum.
this forum is a full democratic one.
that’s one of the reasons making me like this team.
they respect users, they always try to help angry people by asking for more infos before they close the topic if there’s no answer, they respect competitors.
this is a great team and deserve my respect.
your post was placed in other part it seems cause it was not considerate to be at the right place and if u’re not agree i’m sure u can talk about it with the moderator or the admin that took this action.

I have access to those off-topic posts and I can assure it was Toxteth O’Grady who requested the deletion, and that was afterwards anyway. No hard feelings (:WAV)

That’s incorrect.

My post was moved to a new thread for no good reason, which made it completely irrelevant. I asked for that new thread to be deleted.

If possible OT content is splitted before it overtake an entire topic.
Since there are no specific moderation tools for these instances all extra operations require a variable effort from the active moderator.

For example in some case it would be possible to use a poll and reference the splitted topic from the originary one.

Since moderators are volunteer I guess it would be too much to demand them to overcome every SMF engine glitch manually.

Besides the reason some posts were splitted was because the policy encourages members to address some specific comments by PM In order to preserve on topic content.

And the splitted topic contained a discussion questioning the timing of another member post. That was the only element that could be considered relevant to the originator topic.

errr i think i’ve PMed you about this splitted topic? ???
and you asked to delete it.

errr, maybe i’ll just PM you again 88)

The post you quoted was incomplete. The second part was completely on-topic.

Relax man, I was only referring to the fact that you replied over two years after the last post in this thread, i.e. it was a joke.

You might be right about what the user wants, who knows.

You see? Wasn’t I being very nice to someone who responded in a mentallly ill way to a small joke about a nickname. 88)

That’s the problem with this forum. Far too much gets moved from one thread to another without a good reason.

That's the problem with this forum. Far too much gets moved from one thread to another without a good reason.
Do you know any good solution for that ? We're happy to learn...


err [ at ]Toxteth O’Grady : have you checked your PM?

hmm, of course there are reasons.

  1. it’s off topic
  2. we don’t want ppl fight each other
  3. if someone see the topic title “80% of New Malware defeats antivirus”, they’ll expect a discussion about malware vs antimalware, not you vs other member 88)

i know you were just joking (and i find it funny too), but hey, joke’s not everybody’s languange, when someone feels offended by it, then i think it’s better for me to move them for the sake of other forum member (and to practice my newly mod power at the time 88) ).

can we just leave it at that? :a0

errr, speaking of moving post, shouldn’t we move this topic to other apporpriate thread too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s just leave it there… I think the mods are doing a fine job of keeping the forum clean.
If you want to talk about anything there is always Ganda’s thread :smiley: Though, you might never leave.

FYI: I unstickied this topic as it was stickied because of the split from a stickied topic.