Who is your favorite mod?

HI, Who is your favorite mod?

Important :P0l

  • This topic can not be used to talk bad about the mods of COMODO >:( , if you have a problem with a mod, you can use a private message. :slight_smile:
  • Posting is allowed as long as it follows the COMODO forum policy… :P0l
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Who is the Most favorite moderator of the Comodo forums ???

Well… what are you waiting for, start voting already! (:WIN)

Erm…quite a list.

I have thoughts about each mod, I love all (:HUG), but there are some I dread to get PM’s from. :-X

I could make a longggg listtt about each mod and put what I think are good things, but they may not think those are good things so I won’t.

I’ll just say this:

Gibran: I learn tons from this smart guy.
Andyman: can’t send PM’s to him for some reason, he says he allows PMs from everyone (and I believe him) so this is strange.
LA, Rag, and Soya: crazy about bloat and love to shoot their PC’s. ;D
kail: always grumpy. (:TNG) Just kidding.
And of course, ganda: pitiful tries to get a “chick”, very humorous, loves " >:(" smilies and that blood-drooling thing of a smiley.


Sorry if you aren’t on that tiny list, those are just a few mods that come to mind.
And please, if someone is offended, remember that I meant this in all kindness. (:HUG)

They are all so good! Hard to pick one… But I made my pick, even thou I wanted to vote on several mods!! =)
That I find almost equally good!

Can mods vote for themselves? :slight_smile:

Who voted for “ganda”? 88)

I won’t even get into this one, they all deserve my respect even “Ganda” as far as I’m concerned they’ve all got different “takes” on a given situation or topic all invaluable and above all personal to each and every one of them! Thanks for your precious time and advice to all of you!
Cheers Guys, keep the faith & the good advice coming! :Beer
Xman (:KWL)

Yes, but I can not change the poll, maybe the mods can set a limit, but it also gives them the ability and others to manipulate the poll too much… (:WIN)

Yes, mods can vote for them selves… and I bet they did! (:LGH)

Yes, they all are different and all have their own approach, but that makes it worth to choose which differences you like most… (:WIN) and who know maybe the mods can learn from each other and become even better mods!..

hehe was it fair to put me up when I’ve been away ??? ;D

Sure it is fair! you are still a mod, are you not? ;D

I voted for Ganda (:NRD)

Did you guys know that Ganda has registered multiple accounts? He could have voted multiple times on him self … >:-D It looks like it is paying off… (:LGH)

I voted for ganda too. :-TU

[attachment deleted by admin]

This is not one of Ganda’s multiple accounts.
Just to keep you guessing you could say I have a interest in this topic.

I see. That explains it! (sorry Ganda, for acusing you… (:SHY) …

Ganda for the win

And the reason I did not make it on the list is cause? :THNK

Ganda only thinks he is a mod… :Beer

I just voted for Ganda too. O0

Maybe you aren’t a mod. 88)

Everyone who votes for ganda is crazy. ;D

I voted Ganda too ;D

Greetz, Red.

Wow…3xist shot up from 2 votes a half an hour ago to 7… :o

Ganda must be going into your accounts somehow and voting. >:(

This kinda makes the mods who don’t get any votes sad BTW…