Who is this Moderator ?

Who is this Moderator ???


Is he a Comodo employee ??? Or should I learn Chinese to become a Moderator too 88)

Greetz, Red.

Most likely a COMODO staff member. His e-mail indicates this :slight_smile:

Duh :stuck_out_tongue: That is what I guessed too :slight_smile: But I wanted a reaction from him, not from you :-\

Greetz, Red.

( Btw. You can see his email, we can’t :wink: )

si senor

if you ask for every member you don’t know, we’ll need additional board ;D

keep waiting ;D but i doubt an employee of comodo have time to check on the general board.
sigh ppl keep complaining about slow bug fix & update, but now here we have a member asking the employee to chit-chat 88) ;D

He’s part of the Comodo EasyVPN team. He’s a nice guy :slight_smile: