Who is going to break the news?

Hi Guys

Who is going to break the news to firewallleaktester guy informing him that what he has written as “the only solution” against BITS service leak (which is a HUGE leak) is not what he suggests…

The better alternative to what he is suggesting is to simply use CPF as the only firewall that passes this test out of box :wink:



It truly shows how wonderful this Firewall is, I wouldn’t use anything else.


The Firewall is EXCELLENT, and believe me, if you frequent DSL Reports and / or Wilderssecurity, some of you may at least agree I have some years of hands on experience in using security software. I am very happy with CPF and introduce it to whomever I can… The AV is not yet truly developed yet but I like the attitude of the company and I support their efforts. I introduced the internet faxing part of Comodo to the company I work for and I sincerely hope they BOTH benefit… If not, I intend on becoming a customer myself by the end of next week…

The firewall is the best I have seen for a “debut” product…

(WCF32) (Still no “Greek” flag, eh? LOL…

Thanks Jim

No Greek and No Turkish flags I am afraid as both countries did not make it to the world cup :frowning:


They both will the next time around! (L) (B) (R) (S)


You can contact with him… :wink:


that’s not fun :slight_smile:


Haha, I could even pass this test without any firewall since I have removed BITS with nLite.
Good old nLite! ;D