Who is 3xist? Why is he helping Comodo?

To exist, ;D an existent (an entity that exists) must have a particular identity. A thing cannot exist without existing as something, :o otherwise it would be nothing and it would not exist. :o In the statement “something exists”, the something refers to the axiom of identity and the exists refers to the axiom of existence. They cannot be separated and are like two sides of the same coin or two ways of understanding the same axiom. Therefore we must be here 3xist! Comodo needs 3xist! :smiley: Hence My Signature “3xist is better than not 3xist” 8)

Existence is better then NOT existence!

UPDATED: 4th Jan, 09: Now 3xist is known as 3vangelizer! :smiley: Where “3” still represents existence and 3vangelizer is a Evangelist, Kind of like a Comodo Software Evangelist. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your thoughts 8)
It still does not explain your sudden disappearance again :o :frowning:

It’s the last one. I have spoke to Mods about it.

Indeed. :wink: Welcome back again. (CNY)

Wow Josh, I didn’t knew you were into philosophy! :o

“How do you prove that you exist? Maybe we don’t exist…” - Vivi, FFIX

Er… Welcome back as an 3xist-ing creature! ;D

Therefore, it is an axiom of existence,and without it, there would be no perception and of course no existence!


Bump. ;D

Hey Josh! :smiley:

Hows things, Goose? :slight_smile:

Things are good. Things are great. Took a little break form the forums and tried something called a “life” which I did NOT like so I am back here 8) How’s things for you?


Life is great… I seem to have time for everything! I am going to upload some pics of my School Formal too for Year 10. It was a great formal… But BAD after party. :slight_smile:


This should be changed to: where is 3xist and why did he leave. 88) (Is he coming back? Maybe he got fired :P0l)

It was his decission of course. Maybe he’ll come back some day? :wink:

Hey Josh feel no pressure about what we’ll think, it’s your decission, and I think you may of course do as you feel. We’ll miss you in the moderating ranks though.

i just got a report, due to josh retirement several padlock companies are closed 88)


Updated first post… Bump.


Nice to be back Josh!

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:■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■ HAPPY NEW YEAR