Who do you think will win the "Superbowl" this year

Pittsburgh Steelers VS Green Bay Packers playing in the superbowl today

Who do you think will win ???

I’m going to vote for the “Steelers” :BNC

The Steelers seem to be preordained to win Superbowls, that along with their defense & Big Ben. Gotta Go with the Steelers. I do think Rodgers is on the cusp of becoming one of the best QB’s in the league though. Either way, I love the fact that we have 2 “classic” franchises in the game this year, what a “helmet game”. 8)

So who won?

Not over yet. 28-17 Packers in the 4th.

Local radio station on friday did an “egg test” something they do every year before the superbowl.

What they do is this; they place two eggs in a microwave (both being as close as possible to the same condition) and turn the microwave on high, each egg has of course a name of one of the two teams competing in the superbowl and the egg that explodes first will be the one that loses. Supposedly they have been doing this for many many years and it has never been wrong (sometime in the 70s or 80s is when they started).

Their prediction was steelers would win. They may be right (again)

Green Bay Packers 31 - Pittsburg Steelers 25

And the audience over a few hundreds thousands new TV bought , tonnes of popcorn eaten and hectoliters of ■■■■ drunk up. :wink:

Well, they were wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t care much for watching it, but the food is okay. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then you missed something fairly special. :slight_smile:

Twitter EXPLODES With Mockery Over Black Eyed Peas Half-Time Performance

Heh , and what about Christina Aguilera who made mistake during singing the National American Anthem!?


Yeah the Black Eyed peas sucked & Aguilera made an ■■■ out of herself. The game was close but ha d WAAAAY too much passing for my taste. The Packers & Steelers in a pass happy shootout? Didn’t see that one coming…


NFL/NBA/etc players are paid we to much… same with singers… but thats just my thought…

Lombardi, was one of the greatest coach’s that i know of. NFL was good back then… but sucks now imho…

But, I was just disgusted when Black eyed peas was trying to sing a classic song… they ruined it… completely…


I agree. I LOVE college football but I could really care less about the NFL. I also like NASCAR. Anyway, a few years ago we had Paul McCartney at halftime and he was fantastic. Now we have the black Eyed Peas singing in auto-tune? Ugh. Slash was the only (brief) good part of the entire halftime show.

Yeah! I’m more interested in High School FootBall or if they had street football on tv i would watch that… because they aren’t playing just to have fun anymore… College Football is better then NFL!..

NASCAR is alright, i actually liked watching it back in the days where Dale was just starting out… (Not Jr)



Well, if you search for “■■■ & Christina Aguilera” you will find a lot… b-coz that’s indeed the only thing she has (currently) … who can deny it?

As for being a singer … hmmm … I have no doubts … for my taste - she is not

I may say, somewhere at the level of not bad, but school amateurish performance.
Kinda “singers” like Madonna(good entertainer … probably a dancer - not a singer at all) … or Britney Spears … and so on… many of them.

Let’s think about some people with “no voice” : Janis Joplin, Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf, Joe Cocker … do you need more examples?
Can tell more … even about operas , where 45 years old overweight Italian singer “playing a role” of a 14/17 year old.
For those who understand - it doesn’t matter. There is no need of seeing her ■■■ - you just listen and enjoy the essence of the music & lyrics

a side note: Then, when you are in a special mood for a “different action” - Ha! - just go & get it - you can have much better body and “behind” than in those useless pathetic video clips … Do you really need “music” with overdone reverberations & tremolo going out of tune pretending to be a “black singer” when meeting women like I mean? Forget it ! Have a romantic evening … & … the following

Digressing? … sure almost :slight_smile:

As for the Super Bowl game - it was good game actually.
Not watching that a lot here in Australia. I’m a real football fan, meaning “soccer” as they call it here. That’s one intelligent game.
American football definitely deserves attention, no question about it. I even can watch Rugby . Oh my!
No way in Hell I will ever accept and understand booooooring (!!!) to a saltiest eyes burning tears cricket (sorry my Aussie fellows - that is just ridicule!) or Aussie rules footie (again … my apology)

I like “Steelers” and their coach - he is some character!
But "the “smallest town” in US as they said (if I wasn’t mistaken) won - that’s how it suppose to be this time


Yep. If the music/lyrics are compelling, actual singing talent is helpful but not required. Look at people like Bob Dylan or Lou Reed. They are widely considered legends, but probably 9 out of 10 people you meet on the street could sing better. :wink:

I don’t know what it is about your posts but they bypass the tl:dr part of my brain & force me to read the whole thing. I always enjoy them though. :-TU

Anyway, I actually thoroughly enjoy Rugby & Aerial Pingpong…right Aussies? Unfortunately you can’t see much of these sports in the U.S. I can’t stand Soccer, sorry it’s like watching paint dry for me.

What? Drinking ■■■■ is like watching paint dry? What sort of ■■■■ are we talking about here?

Ha ha. Actually if Soccer comes on the TV while I’m drinking ■■■■ I try to chug until I pass out to save myself from the horror of televised soccer! :smiley: Seriously though, where I’m from you may get punched in the face for putting soccer on the TV. ;D

Except not being punched… your house will be destroyed

Definition of Destroyed: Broken into, All Expensive Objects will be taken, Car would be stolen or “slimmed” down, and most likely you’ll be jumped by few guys named Marcous, Timothy, Joseph, and more …

It’s a bit rough where i live :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, the Ladies can get a little tetchy at times over the TV.