Who Are You?

no, it is just who I am… I do not drink ■■■… (:WIN)

■■■■, wine, etc, all that is VERY disgusting. I abhor it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with you here! :-TU

As a sportsman, I never drunk anything but 1 glass of wine before.


alcohol kills braincells… so if you keep going this way, you can not be a mod anymore… (:WIN)


I like nature fruit juices, water, sometimes Gatoraid (after doing some hard activity, like push-mowing my 10 acre yard; but I now have a fast riding mower), and animal blood ;D (ok, so the last one I don’t drink).

Any other drinks I don’t like much.

And to stay on topic, I guess I’m an alien now.

I am a huge symbiosis of unicellular live beings, to a degree of complexity where my whole is capable of immensely elevated functions, if we compare them to the basics of primordial unicellular life. Some of my cells, dedicated to so-called “cognitive” (?) functions create via communication a construct I call “conscience”. My conscience’s existence isn’t any more tangible than the existence of the multiple consciences of a person afflicted with dissociative identity disorder, seemingly it can’t be observed by another person.

Yet just like the cells that jointly constitute me, I’m part of the human society where I happen to live at any moment. If I were to live isolated many of my functions would cease and I couldn’t eventually call me the same person; just like any other social animals greatly derive their nature from the society they form. And just like my brain cells constitute me, I, together with the people I communicate with, constitute society. The people I link with link in turn with some people I do link with and some I don’t, etcetera, so I’m ultimately and indirectly influenced by the whole planet and I contribute to influence it in turn.

The creation of society by people is analogous to the creation of a person’s conscience by his brain cells. If we should choose to contemplate co-existence (self preservation of the whole) as the aim of the system–and surely it’s a necessity even if not the developing cause–parts of society may conflict with others, just like for example cancer may appear in a body.

There are objects that also constitute me. Sometimes these are mere quirks and sometimes they’re a consequence of the fact that the amount of information that a person will want to process will easily exceed his memory capabilities. So I externalize some of my memories onto objects: on paper, on photographs, on computer files… What is more these peripherals can be used as a means of communication with people who weren’t involved in the original event; once they’re assimilated they start to form part of the receiver, just like the books I’ve read. If too much information is forgotten, I can get back to the extern media to refresh it.

I’m a Comodo User


True that. :-TU

Haha, you just summed it up in 4 words. :slight_smile:

I’m a young Karate Expert & I have been playing Soccer for 12 years, Karate 8 years.