Who are working on Comodo firewall 3.0?

Would like to know who are developing Comodo firewall 3.0?

AS Comodo has acquired Boclean is Kevin and other developers from Boclean working on Comodo Firewall 3.0? or only Boclean?

Comodo firewall team is the same team as the ones developed the previous versions. They got bigger and stronger but still the same geek geniuses :slight_smile:

Kevin is doing BOClean at the moment, helping with our AV labs and soon he will be even more active with our AV :slight_smile:


Egemen is still the development leader. He hasn’t popped up in the forum for a looooong time, and with good reason (:NRD). Well, actually he did 2 days ago, but his last post was 2 months and 10 days ago. I hope Melih is feeding him well in the dungeon–erm, lab. 88)